Apr, 2020
Sony: Professional Displays vs. Consumer Displays: What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering whether you really need to invest money in a professional display – after all wouldn’t a consumer television work instead? Well the answer is yes – but the truth is it just wouldn’t do that job as well as a professional display that has been engineered with the corporate user in mind.

The difference is in the details

The difference is not in the screens themselves: both consumer and professional models benefit from our cutting-edge display technology.

But while a consumer display is designed to be used in a home environment and to allow the user to watch television and movies, our professional displays offer so much more versatility – from incorporating graphics to linking to live websites, video conferencing and more.

What’s more, they’re typically built with the corporate setting in mind meaning they’re more robust, resistant to dust and dirt particles and have a sleek, compact design.