• Commercial AV Solutions for Live Presentation

    The right commercial AV solutions can allow for entertaining, immersive, and informative presentations. Communication is key in every industry whether considering enterprise and corporate environments, education, or even government.

    Dynamix creates innovative commercial AV solutions designed for live presentation, leveraging more than 30 years of experience and the most advanced technologies.

    We are the leaders in audio visual Toronto, London, and Ottawa.

  • From Meeting Room to Lecture Hall – Ontario Audio Video Solutions

    We begin every commercial AV solutions project with the same approach. We seek to understand the unique needs of our clients, identify the challenges that they face, and develop solutions that not only address immediate needs, but also introduce new ways of presenting that are more effective, convenient, and scalable.

    No matter the size of your organization or the industry that you operate in, you can rely on Dynamix for Ontario audio video solutions that work.

    The applications are incredibly diverse. We develop Ontario audio video solutions to cover:

    • Projection or digital display solutions for sharing presentations and other media.
    • Connectivity options that make presentations easier, with laptop and phone compatibility.
    • Sound reinforcement solutions for anything from meeting rooms to large auditoriums.
    • Video conferencing integration.
    • Collaborative solutions for shared workspaces and remote teams.
    • Interactive touch screen displays for presentation and audience participation.
    • Podium connectivity for large stages, town hall environments, lecture halls, and classrooms, etc.
    • Technology integration with platforms like
    • Command and control solutions to allow for immersively rich multimedia presentations.

    Ontario audio video solutions are customized to the needs of each client. We recognize that there’s no one-fits-all solution. The size of the room or venue, the type of conferences that will be conducted, and the budget can all influence what type of system is integrated.

    Our vast experience and our strong supplier relationships mean that we can find solutions that achieve your technical goals on a budget that you are comfortable with. Because Dynamix is a full-service Ontario audio video solutions company, we are hands-on from the initial consultation, right through to installation and training. Every Ontario audio video solutions installation comes with professional project management to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.

    Enhance Presentations with Dynamic Commercial AV Solutions in Toronto

    Discover unparalleled commercial AV solutions for captivating presentations at DYNAMIX. With over 30 years of expertise, we lead the way in audio visual Toronto, serving diverse industries from enterprise to education and government. Our approach begins with understanding your unique needs, delivering innovative solutions that redefine presentation effectiveness. Whether it’s projection, digital displays, sound reinforcement, or interactive touch screens, our Ontario audio video solutions cater to diverse applications.

    As audio visual Toronto leaders, we integrate cutting-edge solutions like Barco ClickShare, facilitating seamless conferencing experiences. Elevate your presentations with interactive touch screen displays, designed and customized by the experts at DYNAMIX. Contact us for bespoke commercial AV solutions tailored to your goals and budget.

  • Integrating Innovative Solutions Like into Your Workspace

    Some of our most versatile commercial AV solutions are facilitated by partner technologies. Barco is a robust conferencing solution designed to be intuitive yet scalable so it can suit small businesses just as well as it can large enterprises.

    follows the concept of BYOM, or Bring Your Own Meeting, where any room with AV equipment can be immediately transformed into a collaborative meeting space with networked devices. We can design your meeting rooms, town halls, lecture halls, or any space to be ideal for and similar solutions.

    Collaborative presentation platforms like are designed for seamless presentations at the press of a button using mobile and desktop apps with support for screen mirroring over secure networks.

    As system integrators for audio visual Toronto, we can incorporate and other collaborative presentation and productivity platforms into any site with video walls, projection and screen displays, distributed audio, microphones, cameras, and any of your preferred conferencing equipment.

  • Need Interactive Touch Screen Displays? We Can Integrate Them

    Our commercial AV solutions can incorporate interactive touch screen displays, giving you fresh ways to present or interact with an audience.

    Interactive touch screen displays are perfect for keynote presentations and other forms of commercial, corporate, or customer-facing presentations.

    Showrooms and general retailers can make use of interactive touch screen displays to convey product information and present use-cases.

    For lecture halls, interactive touch screen displays can be used to effectively communicate concepts and learning points in ways that static slides, video, and text just can’t compete with.

    In your organization, you will find that interactive touch screen displays allow for effective communication that is more flexible. Elements of the presentation can be changed, annotated, or even created from scratch in the moment.

    Dynamix can integrate touch screen displays with any of your equipment for audio visual Toronto.

  • Designed for You by a Leader in Audio Visual Toronto

    We’ve touched on some key commercial av solutions and technologies and their potential applications. Ultimately, your solution will be uniquely customized to your needs. Your goals are within reach when you choose experts in audio visual Toronto.

    Dynamix does more than simply supply and install equipment and configure systems. We are commercial AV solutions experts with a focus on integration. We ensure that every investment you make in audio visual Toronto has a direct benefit to your operation. Enjoy the best service, support, AV design, and presentation technology. An expert AV consultant is available to talk to you today.

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