• Post-Production Engineering – Dynamix Professional Video Systems

    The post-production process is critical to the success of any audio or video project. It’s more than just the edit. It covers all aspects of the visual and auditory experience. From color grading to sound and music, the best work recreates the producer’s vision in the highest fidelity, ready for broadcast or distribution through digital channels. Dynamix Professional Video Systems supports your process with post-production engineering services designed to help your organization succeed.

    With solutions ranging from post-production design to editing software and shared storage solutions, let us create a studio that meets your needs today and is ready for the future.

  • Post-Production Design

    Post-production engineering and post-production design services go beyond simply supplying the equipment and technologies that you need. We are full-service AV integrators with experience in developing solutions that cover your entire workflow.

    Post-production design can cover all aspects of your system, from planning cable runs, furniture replacement, and networks for shared storage, right through to designing and building your critical screening room.

    In today’s dynamic production environments, it’s not uncommon to see staff distributed across multiple sites, with work from home becoming more common. Our post-production design can include the infrastructure you need to support all of your client editing stations whether they are across a single location or distributed around Canada or the world.

    On your premises, we design and build critical screening rooms using technology from our partners like SONY, Dolby, and Christie. HDR projection for the post-production process, ATMOS sound, and screening room editing consoles are engineered and supplied by our team.

  • Editing Software Solutions

    Our in-depth understanding of post-production engineering allows us to recommend the right editing software solutions for your unique business. With more than three decades of experience in the professional AV industry, we can easily identify the editing software such as, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve that will work for your unique environment.

    Our partners and affiliates include leading innovators in non-linear editing software, color grading solutions, audio editing software, archiving software, optical disc authoring software, and much more. The solution is always selected for your needs, ensuring that you make the right investment that supports your typical workflow.

    We can design fully customized software and hardware environments focused on your process.

  • Shared Storage Solutions for Post-Production

    Digital post-production design typically focuses on collaboration and ease of access for shared assets. Regardless of studio size or workflow, shared storage solutions can improve the process.

    Dynamix will evaluate your current workflow and develop solutions that allow for better collaboration without compromising the quality of assets or their security.

    Our shared storage solutions allow for:

    • Centralized shared storage solutions access for large asset catalogs – ideal for large teams.
    • Advanced search support to efficiently locate assets.
    • Security that allows asset access based on individual users or group policies.
    • Integration with your existing LDAP server for simplified access and credential management.
    • Central and remote management of user access and experience.

    Our shared storage solutions are fast, designed for redundancy, and facilitate collaboration across your workforce without compromising security or accessibility. When you want to keep your post-production process moving, even across several desks or even unique physical sites, Dynamix can deliver the most reliable solution.

  • Let us Install and Maintain Your Post-Production Equipment

    Beyond software and integrated hardware/software solutions, there are countless unique pieces of post-production equipment used by modern studios. From lighting and studio furniture to studio monitors and headsets, we can supply all of your post-production equipment to upgrade or build out your studio environment.

    We source our post-production equipment from leading suppliers including Sony, Sennheiser, Shure, Dolby, and others. We can provide training on any of the post-production equipment we supply and install, and with our complete post-production engineering solutions, we also take care of the key details like cable runs, rack setup, power delivery, and mounting.

    Dynamix is the leading supplier of post-production equipment in Ontario. Our solutions experts will deploy fully integrated solutions for seamless workflow, easy maintenance, and maximized productivity.

  • Post-Production Engineering for Every Workflow

    Regardless of your workflow, the media you produce, or the size of your team, Dynamix is the ideal provider of post-production engineering services.

    • Professional project management and a single point of contact.
    • Engagement with all stakeholders.
    • Detailed drawings and project documents.
    • Unique solutions engineered for your needs.
    • Advanced technologies and adherence to industry standards.
    • Systems built for scalability and future needs.

    Talk to a post-production engineering consultant today to plan your project and enjoy the expertise and commitment to quality that only Dynamix can provide.

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