• Broadcast Equipment and Video Editing Equipment from Dynamix

    Producing broadcast-quality media is challenging without the right AV equipment. For a smooth and consistent workflow, it’s essential to have audiovisual equipment that is geared specifically towards your needs.

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems supplies video editing AV equipment for broadcasters, production companies, and independent content producers. Talk to a solutions specialist today and enjoy professional service and support with access to the best video editing and broadcast equipment in Ontario.

  • A Professional Approach for Audiovisual Equipment Suited to Your Workflow

    With broadcast equipment and all types of audiovisual equipment, there’s no single solution to suit all. Organizations have unique needs and it’s essential to choose an AV equipment supplier that recognizes this.

    Dynamix has decades of experience providing the most reliable audiovisual equipment in the industry. Most importantly, we take the time to learn about your workflow so that the solution is unique and designed to suit your budget.

    Our in-depth consultation process is one way that we ensure your audiovisual equipment is customized for your use case.

    Dynamix offers an AV service with:

    • Initial consultation to learn about your organization and your needs from broadcast equipment and general audio visual equipment.
    • Professional project management with a single point of contact to manage every interaction you have with us.
    • Expert designers and engineers with industry experience. We know the solutions that work for everyone from independent producers to Canada’s largest production companies and broadcasters.
    • Access to the most reliable and advanced audiovisual equipment. We work with brands including Sony, Blackmagic Design, and other industry leaders.
    • Complete integration of your audio visual equipment. We will design, build, and integrate a video editing and production solution.
  • We Develop Complete Audio Visual Equipment Solutions

    A professional production and broadcast environment relies on more than just the technology that is in place. As integrators of audio visual equipment, we look at your organization from the ground up to develop broad solutions.

    Dynamix is your partner for:

    • Complete video editing suite builds including all audio visual equipment and tools like non linear editing software.
    • Specialized furniture for use in broadcast and production, from chairs and workstation desks to sets and more.
    • Custom computers that are built with specs to handle your workflow and powerful non linear editing software.
    • Studio monitors for critical audio work.
    • Professional video monitors for editing and critical color work.
    • Voiceover equipment and recording studio designs and builds.
    • Audio mixers, large consoles, and related audio visual equipment.
    • Video test and measurement equipment. We will supply color calibration hardware and can offer color calibration services for your professional video monitors.
    • Any of your broadcast equipment needs.

    We have access to the leading brands and an in-depth understanding of studio and editing suite design. Dynamix offers AV equipment and fully integrated solutions that make the best use of your budget without compromising performance or reliability.

  • AV Equipment Service and Support

    In addition to supplying and integrating AV equipment for our clients throughout Ontario, Dynamix also offers extensive AV service and support. We will repair and maintain all of your equipment so that your workflow remains uninterrupted.

    We can configure equipment as well as offer training for your teams. We want you to use all of your AV broadcast equipment to its full potential and are always available for remote and on-site support.

  • Non Linear Editing Solutions for Professionals

    Software solutions for nonlinear editing have advanced significantly in recent years, offering more functionality and improved workflow for efficiency and accuracy.

    We can source the perfect non linear editing solutions for your organization. We can build editing workstations specifically for the software of your choice, ensuring that your hardware has the power and future-proofing to ensure performance in the years to come.

    Non linear editing with faster access to assets and improved rendering times is guaranteed with our solutions. We can also integrate shared storage over your network to allow asset sharing and collaboration to improve your production and broadcasting workflow.

    Shared storage can work on and off-site. It’s possible to have teams working in the field and have assets shared so that non linear editing can be performed immediately in your studio. No matter how complex your work environment is, Dynamix is fully prepared to offer cost-effective solutions.

    Explore Cutting-Edge Broadcast Equipment Solutions

    When it comes to achieving broadcast-quality media, the choice of broadcast equipment is paramount. DYNAMIX stands as a premier provider of top-notch broadcast equipment, catering to the needs of broadcasters, production companies, and independent content producers. Our extensive range includes sought-after brands like Sony, Blackmagic Design, ensuring access to the best tools in Ontario.

    At DYNAMIX, our professional approach involves a meticulous consultation to understand your workflow and provide tailored broadcast equipment solutions. Elevate your production standards with our comprehensive services, offering everything from studio builds to maintenance, all backed by our industry expertise.

  • Source Your Broadcast Equipment from a Leading AV Company

    Dynamix offers solutions in Ontario from our locations in Toronto, Ottawa, and London. Benefit from our professional approach to professional AV services with the industry’s most reliable broadcast equipment. From complete studio builds to upgrades, maintenance, and repairs, we are standing by to begin consultation for your next project.

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