• Professional AV Training with Dynamix

    At Dynamix Professional Video Systems, technology is our passion. Beyond designing and integrating AV equipment, we also share our knowledge with AV training so that you can quickly adapt to your new equipment and processes.

    AV training ensures that you know how to operate and, in some cases, perform basic maintenance or troubleshooting for your AV equipment. We can provide AV training to operators, your technical and maintenance teams, IT teams, and anyone within your organization.

    Dynamix AV essentials and advanced AV training is provided with new installations and equipment sales. We can also develop custom training plans at your request for new staff, refresher sessions, or any of your unique training needs.

  • What are the AV Essentials for Basic Training?

    AV training is customized based on your unique needs, the type of equipment you have installed, and the background of the trainees.

    As a starting point, the AV essentials can be considered. In its most basic form, AV training will include:

    • Detailed instruction on how to operate AV equipment – This could range from how to operate a newly installed videoconferencing solution, right up to detailed training for a Sony professional video deck.
    • Basic maintenance for AV equipment – In general terms, AV equipment isn’t user-serviceable. However, basic maintenance and upkeep can help to protect your equipment. Keeping control surfaces clean, keeping dust away from rack equipment, mixing desks, and controllers, and even correct startup and shutdown procedures can all be covered in basic maintenance training.
    • AV Essentials troubleshooting – User troubleshooting can identify issues and even correct some problems with AV equipment. Even when AV essentials troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, it can help the team at Dynamix to provide remote support or let us know what to look for when we come for on-site service.

    If you need training in the AV essentials or even advanced training for professional-grade production and broadcast equipment, we are standing by. The Dynamix team of expert AV professionals makes the training process engaging and informative.

  • Dynamix Offers Advanced AV Training

    Beyond the essentials, Dynamix offers advanced AV training in Ontario. Professional-grade equipment can come with a higher learning curve with advanced functionality. Adaptation is important, especially when your teams are transitioning from older equipment or even completely different workflows.

    We will customize your advanced AV training, no matter your professional environment. From digital cinema to media production and broadcast, our experts will deliver training that helps you to maximize your technology investment by using it more efficiently.

  • Crestron Training

    Crestron training with Dynamix will unlock the full potential and efficiency of your Crestron installation. Our Crestron training for users is focused on the functionality and everyday operation of Crestron. technologies.

    Crestron training covers essentials including:

    • Using Crestron with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other conferencing services.
    • Using interfaces like Crestron room scheduling surfaces, tabletop devices, and interactive panels.
    • Troubleshooting basic issues with your Crestron solution.

    We can also provide Crestron training with your service and I.T. team that focuses more on maintenance, configuration, and troubleshooting, rather than the end-user experience.

    Whatever your needs are, we will provide Crestron training and facilitate adaptation for your teams.

  • Extron Training

    Extron allows for extensive automation and convenient user experiences through smart control panels, hardware buttons, and other devices. The Extron platform is widely used for video and teleconferencing, AV over IP, room scheduling, and distributed audio.

    Extron training is a must for any company that utilizes an Extron solution. We offer Extron training for end-users and your technical teams. We will customize Extron training based on your solution and the groups that require training. Several sessions for Extron training may be required for your technical and support staff. Extron training for interfaces and general use can typically be completed within a single session.

    It’s simpler to adapt to your new Extron hardware and software when you have Extron training from Dynamix.

  • Do AV Magazines Provide Enough Knowledge for Your Teams?

    AV magazines and other publications can provide some context for AV training and maintenance. However, even the best AV magazines lack technical detail when it comes to operating unique pieces of equipment and software.

    If you’re interested in innovations and are in the market for AV equipment, AV magazines can be helpful, but they don’t substitute the knowledge and experience of professional designers, consultants, project managers, and certified technology specialists.

    Look at AV magazines as supplementary to our training. These magazines are typically consumer and prosumer-focused rather than offering advice and solutions for industry professionals. The target market for AV magazines may not apply to your industry.

    If you want the best AV training in Canada, you need to engage with experienced professionals. Dynamix is here to offer AV training and adaptation programs for your new installation or any of the AV equipment that you already have on-site. Contact us now to discuss your education needs and we’ll prepare a training and adaptation plan to suit.

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