• Extron Programming by Dynamix

    Integrated AV solutions have become more complex as features and interoperability have expanded. Extron facilitates a unique approach to AV systems with configuration software that is powerful in the backend, yet intuitive for end-users and their unique applications. Dynamix Professional Video Systems is an Extron qualified independent programmer, offering Extron programming for any industry.

    We’re available for your project and will maximize the potential of the Extron AV control platform.

  • Do You Need Extron Certified Programmers?

    Extron systems provide complete integration solutions with backend network, distribution, and hardware interfaces. To fully utilize the wider Extron platform, Extron certified programmers are essential. Dynamix offers the most advanced Extron control system programming in Ontario.

    Extron certified programmers work with our AV designers and project managers to understand the unique needs of your environment. User experience and functionality are central to the work that our Extron certified programmers do. The goal is to ensure that you can use your systems in a way that makes sense to your organization. Without Extron certified programmers, you could face issues with functionality, interoperability, and reliability.

  • System Examples: Extron Control System Programming

    What are the specific devices that require Extron control system programming? If your organization is using any of the following systems, or if you are currently developing specifications for a new system, then you will need qualified Extron control system programming support.

    • TouchLink and TouchLink Pro panels for AV system control.
    • IP Link Pro and IP Link control processors.
    • MediaLink panels for controllers and switchers.
    • Button Panels.
    • IR remote controls and panels.

    Extron systems can be controlled through customizable Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Extron control system programming can include the development and customization of these interfaces.

    Customizability is a key aspect of the value of Extron systems. With Extron control system programming, you can use Extron hardware and software for a truly unique user experience that is efficient and targeted towards your teams.

  • How Extron Qualified Independent Programmers Benefit Your Organization

    Control processors, touch panels, media controllers, buttons, and other control devices all make it easier to operate large integrated AV systems with an intuitive user experience. To make sure that this experience is as efficient as it can be, your organization needs Extron qualified independent programmers.

    Dynamix brings decades of experience in AV integration and programming so that your investment in Extron systems is fully utilized. There are significant benefits available when working with our Extron qualified independent programmers.

    Using Extron’s software programming environment, our Extron certified programmers will:

    • Begin and execute projects quickly thanks to a single software environment.
    • Program your entire AV system integrated with Extron technologies.
    • Create more efficient code-snippets that can be transferred between devices.
    • Improve the speed of your Extron deployment, even across large systems.
    • Create controller groups for large complex systems.

    Working with qualified independent programmers will save your organization time. You won’t need to hire resources in-house to program and maintain your systems. Because we are AV integrators as well as Extron qualified independent programmers, we look at every project from a high level and can offer complete system design. We also offer integration and training, so that you have a complete turnkey solution.

  • Extron Global Scripter Support

    Extron Global Scripter is the versatile control system software that allows for extensive integration between control systems. Based on the Python scripting language, your organization needs qualified Extron programming specialists to ensure that your solution is efficient, developed within your deadline, and suited to your unique operational needs.

    Unlocking the potential of Extron Global Scripter, our Extron programming experts will:

    • Use Extron Global Scripter to write clean and efficient Python code.
    • Automate system functions according to your project requirements and operating environment.
    • Package your resources using the Extron Global Scripter, allowing for simplified management and transport.
    • Perform all functions of development, debugging, and deployment.

    Extron Global Scripter offers a simpler interface and programming environment, but you need an Extron Qualified independent programmer to fully realize both the potential of the software and your AV systems. Dynamix has extensive experience with Extron Global Scripter. Our expertise becomes your asset.

  • Offering Extron Programming Throughout Ontario

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems operates from three key locations in Ontario. We serve Ottawa and the National Capital Region, Toronto, London, and the nearby areas. If you have an Extron AV system or if you want a complete integration service with Extron Programming and a system install, we are ready to deliver turnkey solutions.

    We’re available today to begin the consultation process. For Extron programming with trusted industry professionals, talk to Dynamix.

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