• AV Leasing and Financing Programs with Dynamix

    The right audio visual equipment can offer extensive benefits to your organization. Whether you are considering distributed audio for a retail or showroom space, or a video wall lobby for your corporate headquarters, Dynamix Professional Video Systems is ready to develop cost-effective solutions that meet all of your functional and technical requirements.

    We understand that AV equipment can be a significant investment, which is why we offer versatile AV leasing and financing programs. With audio visual equipment leasing and financing, you can better manage your costs over time, allowing you to benefit from custom AV solutions that are cost-effective.

    Learn how AV equipment financing and leasing can work for your organization.

  • What Solutions Are Available When You Finance Your Audio-Visual System?

    Choosing to finance your audio-visual system doesn’t place any limitations on what you can purchase. Our full range of AV services and equipment can be obtained with flexible audio visual equipment leasing and financing through our partners.

    When you finance your audio-visual system, you can purchase equipment ranging from studio monitors and mixing desks to editing furniture and broadcast-grade video decks and recorders. The only limitations when you finance your audio-visual system will be determined by your credit assessment and your financial situation.

    Our services, including installation, integration, design, and consulting, are also available as part of the package when you finance your audio-visual system.

    Every situation is unique. Audio visual technology financing assessment is based on your financial means, assets, and credit history. We work with flexible financial institutions and go to great lengths to find solutions to suit.

    You can finance your audio-visual system whether you are purchasing as an individual or representing a local Canadian business.

  • AV Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

    Our AV leasing and financing programs are designed to be flexible so that we can serve Canada’s business communities, independent creators, broadcasters, film and television studios, and any group that requires the best AV solutions. AV equipment financing is one potential option but leasing could work out to be more cost-effective in specific cases.

    With AV equipment financing you are purchasing the equipment and you will own it forever. You will retain all rights to the equipment as long as the AV equipment financing is paid in full within the agreed term.

    Leasing is a different type of agreement. We retain ownership of the equipment but you have the right to use it, as detailed in a lease agreement, for as long as payments are maintained. Leasing can be a more effective way to manage your costs when compared to AV equipment financing. It’s particularly useful if you will only need technology solutions for a specific timeframe, or if you frequently change or upgrade your equipment.

    We will consult with you to provide a cost/benefit analysis so that you can decide which of our AV leasing and financing programs best suits your needs.

  • Audio Visual Technology Financing Gives You Access to What You Need

    AV technology is in a constant state of innovation with new devices, features, and even workflows becoming available all the time. Audio visual technology financing gives you access to what you need without having to wait for the capital to purchase equipment up-front.

    Dynamix offers a complete range of AV services and equipment, and you’ll be able to access all of it with audio visual technology financing.

    We are Ontario’s experts in:

    • AV design, engineering, installation, and integration.
    • AV service and support.
    • Crestron and Extron programming.
    • Training and adaptation.
    • Broadcast design, engineering, installation, and integration.
    • Post-production engineering.
    • Sony professional repair and maintenance.
    • All aspects of AV technology from 4K laser projectors to conferencing and presentation solutions. Equipment can be purchased with audio visual technology financing.

    We’re available to discuss audio visual technology financing and plan your AV services today.

  • Audio Visual Equipment Leasing and Financing: Markets Served

    We can supply AV equipment and services with audio visual equipment leasing and financing to any qualified individual or organization (commercial or otherwise) in Ontario.

    Key markets where we offer audio visual equipment leasing and financing include:

    • Corporate.
    • Education.
    • Production.
    • Post-production.
    • Entertainment/Cinema.
    • Digital signage.
    • Thermal screening and custom biometric terminals.

    Whatever industry you’re in, from exciting startups to large enterprises, Dynamix will ensure you get the equipment and services you need with audio visual equipment leasing and financing.

  • Dynamix is Ready to Assist with AV Leasing and Financing Programs

    Our AV leasing and financing programs are customized on a case-by-case basis. We work to find the best solution for your needs based on the type of AV equipment and services that you request.

    If you’re in London, Toronto, Ottawa, or any of the nearby areas, talk to us today to learn about AV leasing and financing programs for your situation. You can access the industry’s best AV installers and equipment while managing costs with a payment plan that suits you.

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