Designed for critical applications from broadcast to reference grading, professional monitors are essential for media production. DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS offers sales, support, and integration of professional monitors in Ontario.

  • Flat Panel Monitors with Perfect Colour Accuracy

    Accuracy is essential when choosing the best flat panel monitors. Colour accuracy for broadcast, production, and postproduction ensures the most optimal viewing experience whether media is created for traditional broadcast, digital distribution, or projection. DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS offers the most accurate flat panel monitors that meet industry standards of colour accuracy and lighting so that images, still or moving, are pixel perfect and ready for distribution.

    The flat panel monitors we supply and integrate are produced with the highest level of factory calibrated accuracy. We also calibrate flat panel monitors during integration and installation to ensure that they are ready for professional workloads.

    Graphic artists, video editing professionals, broadcast professionals, and anyone looking for accurate flat panel monitors can get the best products and service from DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS.

    ViewSonic Corporation, headquartered in Brea, California, is a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics, and communications solutions. Today, ViewSonic specializes in visual display hardware—including liquid-crystal displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards—as well as digital whiteboarding software. The company trades in three key markets: education, enterprise, and entertainment.

  • HDR Monitors for Professionals

    While previously overlooked due to the lack of support on consumer devices, HDR monitors are now becoming the norm in creative and broadcast workflows.

    HDR, or High Dynamic Range, reproduces content so that the details of highlights and shadows are clear and perfectly balanced from scene to scene.

    HDR monitors provide excellent colour accuracy along with true light reproduction so that scenes are more immersive and lifelike. HDR monitors provide dark and light levels that far exceed standard dynamic range monitors. Content produced using HDR monitors will look its best when reproduced on HDR equipment but is also suited to standard monitors and devices.

    DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS offers fully calibrated HDR monitors with the widest range between the lightest and darkest parts of a displayed image. Our HDR monitors are ready for broadcast, content creation, production, and critical viewing. Whether integrated at the editing desk or in critical viewing rooms, we ensure that our HDR monitors reproduce content in the way that it was meant to be seen.


    The best broadcast monitors provide superior picture quality, accurate colour, a wide dynamic range, and the broadest viewing angles to ensure they are fit-for-purpose in any broadcast environment. We supply broadcast monitors for environments ranging from field recording to master monitoring in the studio.

    Talk to the expert AV integrators at DYNAMIX Professional Video Systems for :

    • Field broadcast monitors suited to mobile studios and on-location production.
    • In-studio broadcast monitors for controlled lighting environments.
    • Multi-purpose broadcast monitors.

    We can provide broadcast monitors with industry-standard interfaces that can be fully integrated with your source equipment.

  • An Integration Service is Essential for Professional Displays

    At DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS, we don’t just supply professional displays. We are full-service AV Integrators. Professional displays need to be carefully selected for the intended installation environment and integrated with all the equipment used in the workflow.

    Our AV integrators install, configure, and calibrate professional displays to ensure a smooth experience where the investment pays off immediately. We consult with every client to choose the best professional displays based on budget, intended use, and where the professional displays will be installed.

    With our industry partnerships, including leading suppliers like Sony Canada, we can provide professional displays that allow for accurate production, postproduction, and critical viewing.

  • Access the Best Displays Including the SONY BVM-HX310

    The Sony BVM-HX310 is a highlight example of the industry-standard professional monitors supplied by DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS.

    Designed with the benefit of decades of research, development, and professional application, the Sony BVM-HX310 provides advanced technology in a package that improves functionality and the potential to create breathtaking visual content.

    The Sony BVM-HX310 has truer blacks created by a liquid crystal display that performs accurately in dark areas. Noise and artifacts are easily identified by the engineer, creating the purest image possible for reproduction and distribution. With support for DCI P3 and ITU-R BT.2020 Wide Colour Spaces, the Sony BVM-HX310 provides unrivaled accuracy for grading work. The true 4K panel (4096x x 2160 resolution) ensures compatibility with no scaling necessary.

    With advanced features like quad view display from multiple sources, and accurate upscaling for HD signals, the Sony BVM-HX310 is perfect for broadcast engineers, directors, editors, and any video professional.

    The Sony BVM-HX310 and a range of accurate professional monitors are available from DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS.

  • Your AV Partner for Professional Monitors in Ontario

    Our AV consultants and engineers are ready to assist with sales and integration planning. Get the best professional monitors for your critical workflow for broadcast, independent production, commercial production, or any other creative niche.

    Contact us today for product availability and quotes on the best professional monitors in Canada.

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