• WebEx Meeting Room Solutions from Dynamix

    WebEx meeting room solutions are designed to allow for real-time conferencing and collaboration. Recognized as an industry standard for organizations of all sizes, WebEx offers the versatility needed to get a bespoke solution, no matter your meeting space or office layout.

    Dynamix is an expert in the integration of WebEx meeting room solutions in Ontario. Our service areas cover:

    • WebEx London
    • WebEx Toronto
    • WebEx Ottawa

    From all levels of government to enterprise clients, and even small businesses, the team at Dynamix is prepared to develop custom WebEx meeting room solutions that allow you to work smarter, more collaboratively, and with all of the audio, visual, and sharing features that you need.

  • Systems Integration with WebEx Room Kit

    Whether considering a system for WebEx London, WebEx Ottawa, or WebEx Toronto, the integration of unique components is key to building a solution that works.

    Dynamix approaches every project with the goal of creating a customized solution that is based on organizational needs. There are several key factors to consider when integrating a WebEx solution.

    Dynamix considers:

    • The size of the room and the purpose of the system. The requirements for a traditional board room conferencing installation would be significantly different from those of collaborative meeting spaces for creative industries.
    • The existing equipment that’s in place. Can cameras, microphones, speakers, monitors, or projectors be integrated into the upgraded solution?
    • The type of conferences and presentations that would be held. Individual users can work with WebEx desk devices. Bigger rooms designed for multiple persons require large screens, central cameras, and distributed audio.
    • If the system will be used primarily for presentations. WebEx Room Kit smart whiteboards and interactive video screens can be integrated.

    WebEx is more than just audio and video. The platform allows for the sharing of files, screens, and interactive displays. Whatever it is that your organization needs to communicate internally or externally, we can integrate a WebEx solution that is fit for purpose and ready to scale should your needs or working style change in the future.

  • Integration Can Include Automation

    The WebEx platform allows for advanced features that make processes more intuitive. Automation is a major aspect of this. Dynamix can integrate and program systems with automation for WebEx London, WebEx Toronto, and WebEx Ottawa.

    What will automation mean for your business? Ultimately, it comes down to convenience, functionality, and efficiency. WebEx meeting room solutions including WebEx Room Kit can use proximity and motion detection technology to turn on automatically when users enter a meeting room or creative space. Some devices can even integrate with lighting and automated drapes or blinds. Lights can be dimmed and windows covered automatically so that a presentation space is ready to go. This saves time and allows meeting attendees to simply turn up and start talking, presenting, and collaborating.

  • Flawless Sound and Video

    Virtual meetings have become more popular in professional, commercial, and government markets because they are now real alternatives to face-to-face meetings. Where video conferencing was once unreliable and of poor quality, it’s now possible to have immersive meetings that are functionally the same as if all participants were in the same room.

    Dynamix ensures that networks, hardware, and software are all configured to deliver flawless sound and video. This improves immersion and eliminates any potential barriers to effective communication and collaboration. Because we design every system around the room space, problems with acoustics, background noise, lighting, and other environmental factors are overcome.

  • We Serve All Markets with WebEx London, WebEx Toronto, and WebEx Ottawa

    We are based in three key locations to serve the expanding private and government sectors.

    • We can deliver solutions for WebEx Ottawa to all levels of the local, Provincial, Federal Government and private industries. WebEx Ottawa allows for smooth communication between mission-critical groups.
    • Our WebEx Toronto specialists serve Canada’s economic hub with effective solutions for businesses of any size, right up to the largest enterprises. Solutions for WebEx Toronto are scalable and are ideal for virtual meetings and collaboration in Canada or anywhere around the globe.
    • London is one of Canada’s most important innovation hubs. With businesses involved in insurance, manufacturing, medical research, and information technology, the demand for WebEx London is high. WebEx London offers the ideal solutions for education, communication, and collaboration, all of which are key to innovative industries.

    Dynamix is ready to start the consultation process today. For WebEx meeting room solutions that are uniquely designed around your organizational needs, we are the experts. Our certified technology specialists can design, build, integrate, and maintain your conferencing technology.

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