• Production

    Cinema, for almost its entire history used film as its creative medium. This changed in 1999 when Sony introduced the first 24p digital motion production system, an important step in the shift towards digital production. Dynamix and Sony have been partners from the beginning. Dynamix has since grown with Sony and now represents the entire range of Sony’s professional camera systems. Regardless of any technology changes over the past 30 years, Dynamix mission remains the same: to satisfy the increasing demands of the creative mind. Dynamix has the products and experience to deliver well-engineered, flexible camera solutions to our clients.

  • PTZ Cameras

    Often the mainstay of the modern, connected corporate boardroom. PTZ cameras have become more technologically advanced they are finding their place in more and more diversion applications. PTZ cameras can remotely capture broadcast quality 4K images, with smooth, silent PTZ, they are excellent in low-light situations and particularly suited to efficient multi-camera set-ups, under the control of a single operator.

    With professional camera features such as dual tally lamps and genlock, along with a broad array of interface options for smooth integration into any professional camera or AV setup. Let Dynamix help you choose the right PTZ camera for your application.

  • Professional Camcorders

    Camcorders range from versatile shoulder-mounted models to flexible fully featured handheld/palm size and semi shoulder-mount models. HDR, 4K, 6K, Full Frame, High Definition are some of the technological features that enable the capture of beautiful imagery. High sensitivity and low noise images made possible by a variety of advanced CMOS and CCD sensors, the latest generation of fast codecs combined with high-speed Pro media. Integrated cloud-based production tools, enable advanced workflow production features including live streaming, FTP transfer and even remote control from a smartphone or tablet.

    The creative process starts in the camera with proxy and cache recording and options to record directly to Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes depending on the model. With both fixed and removable lens options, whatever your creative need or budget is, Dynamix has the expertise and experience to help you make the right camera choice for your project.

  • Digital Cinema Cameras

    Whether you are shooting a documentary, news broadcast or feature film, using a digital cinema camera will create that distinctive cinematic Super 35 look and feel. These next-generation motion picture camera systems use full-frame sensors, outstanding color science and switchable image modes to bring a complete film experience to your creative project. Cinema cameras are exceptionally versatile, modular systems that are easily configurable. There is complete production format flexibility; XAVC, RAW, Apple ProRes, X-OCN (16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative), these are cinematic standards that the industry demands.

    Using PL mount adapters, you can take advantage of film standard cine optics from Angénieux, Canon, Zeiss, Cooke, and Fujifilm. Dynamix can configure your complete camera system to meet your unique creative environment, please contact us for more information.

  • Building the Camera System

    Dynamix has a long association with many top-flight manufactures that will help build your perfect camera setup, whether it be a multi-camera studio, live streaming an event or a single camera shoot. Using switchers from Sony, Blackmagic. audio from Sennheiser and Shure, camera support from Miller, Manfrotto, and Shape, live streaming technology from Telestream, AJA and Datavideo.

    Whatever the scenario Dynamix has the in-house capability to design and build to your specific requirements, with solutions that will satisfy your expectations.

    We take great pride in being able to offer our knowledge of the vast array of Technology from all of the major manufacturers available today, in concert with our highly skilled in-house installation teams and factory-certified Service technicians who provide the professional skill set for the most demanding applications. Dynamix welcomes the opportunity to guide you through these products to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to ensure the display device you select will be one that fits all of your requirements now and into the future.

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