• AV Project Management by Dynamix

    The surest way to avoid setbacks, cost overruns, and poor implementation of an AV project is to hire a professional to oversee it all. For AV solutions large or small, Dynamix employs professional AV project managers to ensure that potential problems are avoided and that all goals are met within budget and deadline.

    We offer AV project management as a service for your larger integration projects, and it’s also something that we do internally to ensure that all of our installations achieve their desired goals.

    Your organization seeks an AV commercial installation where there is no risk of mishap. This is where our AV project managers come in.

  • What Happens When You Work With a Project Manager in Toronto, London, or Ottawa?

    Dynamix can assign a project manager in Toronto, London, or Ottawa, for your upcoming AV installation. Our project managers are professionally trained solutions experts who have in-depth knowledge of AV technologies and integration processes.

    An AV project manager in Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario will break down your project in a way that it becomes easier to manage and implement. At Dynamix, our AV project managers consider:

    • The purpose of your AV commercial installation – What is it and how will it work?
    • The scope of the project – What is the size of the installation and what is involved?
    • Time – How long will it take to complete the installation?
    • Cost – What is the cost of the project and how can this be effectively managed?
    • Risk – What environmental, technical, and time or cost factors could compromise the project?

    These five elements allow a project manager in Toronto to take steps to eliminate potential problems before they occur. When looking at what your system is and how it will work, a project manager in Toronto will work directly with our designers to ensure that the proposed solution is fit for purpose. The design proposal will outline the scope, and, once approved, the project manager will work to prevent unnecessary bloat and specification changes that could delay completion.

    Time is managed by allocating the right installers and support staff. Aspects of an AV installation can be prefabricated by Dynamix at our facilities in Ontario. This can reduce the time needed on-site while improving the overall efficiency of the project. Managing the time it takes to implement the project also prevents cost overruns.

    Most importantly, the hands-on approach to all of these key elements will ensure that identified risks never materialize into actual problems.

    In short, a project manager in Toronto will liaise with all stakeholders, contractors, in-house installers, suppliers, and other key parties to ensure that an AV commercial installation is integrated exactly how it was described at the beginning of the project. No surprises and no disappointment – this is what Dynamix ensures with a meticulous approach to every project.

  • Avoid Installers That Don’t Offer AV Project Management

    We offer AV project management with our AV installation and integration because we want our clients to have the best experience. Working without professional AV project management ultimately costs more for both the installer and the client.

    We are committed to providing the most effective AV solutions based on your unique needs. Our audio visual consultants and AV project managers are here to ensure it.

  • Audio Visual Consultants for AV Commercial Installation

    Every AV commercial installation begins with a consultation. Dynamix Professional Video Systems employs the most experienced audio visual consultants in the industry. In the earliest stages of the project, we will work to assess your needs and your goals. An audio visual consultant will establish your desired budget, your preferred timeframe, and the results that you expect to see at the end of the project.

    Once we bring in our design teams and AV commercial installation project managers, things will start moving quickly. Because you will have a single point of contact in the form of your audio visual consultant, you’ll always have updates on project milestones and you will be able to communicate any concerns or ask questions at any point.

    Dynamix has the best audio visual consultants in Ontario, and we utilize specialized AV project management so that every one of our clients will be satisfied with a project that exceeds expectations. When investing a significant amount of money and time into developing your AV solutions, there’s no margin for error.

  • AV Project Managers are Ready to Make Your Project a Success

    AV solutions are better with the professional approach of experienced AV project managers. Contact Dynamix and benefit from our detailed AV project management, where your needs come first.

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