The world’s best professional projectors are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users in a variety of unique venues. With enhanced quality and reliability compared to consumer products, professional projectors offer the clearest images with energy efficiency and long-life service durability.

    DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS is the leading AV integrator in Ontario providing a range of professional projectors that can be installed and fully integrated into any professional environment.

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  • Has Your Organization Kept Pace with AV Projection Technology?

    The landscape of AV projection technology has advanced rapidly in a relatively short time. Professionals now have access to a range of video and data projectors with the latest AV projection technology that enhances the user and viewer experience regardless of the intended application.

    Laser projection is a major advancement in AV projection technology and is fast becoming the standard in commercial projection in cinemas. BPL and RGB lasers are decreasing in cost, making now an opportune time for cinemas and large studios to reinvest.

    Xenon projectors, based on an older form of AV projection technology, are suited to replacement. We recommend that any organization still using xenon AV projection technology contacts us for an obligation-free consultation for an upgrade, especially as first-generation xenon hardware approaches end of life.

    In business markets, especially where data projectors are more common, laser, lamp, and short-throw projectors are all common. AV projection technology has advanced to make the latest generation of lamp projectors more efficient with longer lifespans.

  • Data Projector Solutions

    Data projectors that are used intermittently and non-commercially can be based on lamp or short-throw technology.

    Lamp data projectors offer highly detailed images with rich colour impact, which is ideal for static data with video. Lamp data projectors allow for high brightness over short and medium distances and can be well suited to conference and board rooms and corporate presentation rooms. Lamp projectors can also be used for larger rooms like auditoriums, keynote rooms, and small theaters, but laser projectors are often better suited for the efficiency and picture quality benefits.

    Short throw projectors are perfect for non-critical viewing and are particularly efficient for data projection in offices, meeting rooms, and small board or executive rooms.

    DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS offers a range of data projector solutions, and we work with every client to find the perfect balance of cost and image quality based on the unique environment where the data projector will be used.Talk to an Ontario projection expert today.

  • Professional Projectors for Critical Viewing and Commercial Use

    The studio and cinema industries prefer laser projectors for their innovative performance and image quality features. DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS supplies professional projectors for crucial viewing and commercial use.

    Laser professional projectors are the pinnacle of technology today, offering pristine image quality, easy operation with low-maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, and flexible installation options, even for long-throw projection over the largest conference halls or cinemas.

    Laser projection can also be used in critical viewing theaters within studios for collaborative review, private screenings, and any other purpose.

    Professional projectors can be fully integrated into any suitable space by our team of AV experts.

  • Projector Screen Installations with DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS

    The team at DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS is ready to plan and integrate projector screen installations in Ontario. If you’re in Toronto, Ottawa, or London, we can provide projector screen installations to suit your unique needs.

    Our integration experts plan projector screen installations around all factors of your viewing environment, including :

    • Lighting characteristics of the room.
    • The size and layout of the room.
    • The position of the screen and AV equipment.
    • The purpose of the room.
    • The intended application of the projector (critical viewing, entertainment, business, etc.)
    • The desired cost cap for projector screen installations.

    Projector screen installations and full integration ensure that the image quality is optimized regardless of the type of projector being used. We can install projector screens of all sizes along with all of the AV equipment needed to make the system functional.Whether it’s a projector screen replacement or a complete fit-out with projector screen installation, projection equipment, source equipment, and sound reproduction equipment, we are prepared to deliver beyond expectations.

  • Ontario Projection Experts are Standing By

    DYNAMIX PROFESSIONAL VIDEO SYSTEMS is home to Ontario projection experts ready to plan and implement your project. Our Ontario projection experts work with commercial businesses, cinema companies, studios, and creative professionals at every level.

    With highly trained and certified Ontario projection experts we will optimize your budget to ensure superior image quality and reliability from a projection system. Contact us today to begin your consultation for professional projectors and installation.

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