• Commercial AV Design by Dynamix

    Have a room that needs audiovisual integration? How about an entire commercial office complex? Dynamix brings 30 years of experience to the market to deliver efficient, reliable, and advanced AV design to organizations throughout Ontario. With in-house integration and audio visual design services, we are prepared to make your next project a resounding success, no matter its size or scope.

  • What is AV Design?

    In a time where technologies are constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex, it can be difficult to identify the right AV technologies that suit your organizational needs. Dynamix overcomes this problem with the best AV design services in Ontario.

    We design the best systems within budget, using our knowledge and extensive technology partnerships to ensure that every element of the design is focused on the end-user experience. Functionality comes first, ensuring that you get everything you need from an AV solution, whether that means having video conferencing facilities in every meeting room or incorporating floor-to-ceiling video walls in your corporate lobby.

    AV design looks at physical spaces to identify how technology solutions will fit into them. It dives deep into the details, determining everything from where speakers and screens will be placed, to how and where the cables will be run. AV design can include elements of sound, video, capture (with microphones and cameras), and even automation.

    Our AV design consulting service is flexible and we work directly with architects, contractors, consultants, and key stakeholders.

    Regardless of your project or your organizational structure, there’s no question that the design process will determine the success of any AV installation and integration project.

  • Commercial Design Focused on Your Unique Needs

    In AV design, no two projects are alike. Dynamix understands that your organization is unique, facing its own set of challenges and with specific goals. We approach every project from the ground up, working with our clients to discover their audiovisual integration needs. Systems are designed and built around these needs, ensuring that the solution is not only fit for purpose but also economical.

    AV design is an early and critical step in any audiovisual integration project. Our commercial design process ensures efficient solutions.

    • Our AV design experts will identify exactly what you need from your AV solution, as well as your ideal budget.
    • We look at your unique environment, whether it’s a single conference room, large commercial office, or even a government workspace. We identify the challenges of integrating your AV solution.
    • Before we build, we draw up detailed plans and itemize every piece of equipment that will be needed for the project. We’ll calculate build time and the resources needed to get the work completed within your ideal timeframe.
    • Dynamix is a team of experienced commercial design professionals, project managers, and certified technology specialists. Our expertise results in efficient AV designs without any compromises on your original vision and technical specifications.
  • Audiovisual Integration by Experienced Professionals

    We look at our commercial design process as an opportunity to work with your current physical spaces and the solutions that you currently have. Our audiovisual integration experts will work closely with our designers to see how a commercial design will fit into the larger picture.

    If you have distributed audio on-site, can this be integrated into your new upgrades? Will your current screens and projectors interface with a new conferencing system? These are the types of questions that our commercial design experts will consider.

    Audiovisual integration ensures that you don’t just get an AV installation, you get a complete solution. This means that equipment will work more intuitively with cross-functionality in some cases.

  • Audio Visual Design Services for Any Industry

    Because our audio visual design services focus on customized solutions for each project, we can apply our process to any industry. Dynamix is located in Toronto, London, and Ottawa, and serves the surrounding areas.

    Some of the markets that enjoy our professional audio visual design services include:

    • Educational organizations, including schools at every level from elementary to university.
    • All levels of Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government.
    • Commercial businesses from the smallest startups to the largest enterprises.
    • Creative and broadcast industries including television and film companies, production, post-production, etc.
    • The entertainment sector including 3D and Digital Cinema Projection clients.
    • General retailers and similar companies that need digital signage, distributed audio, video walls, and other AV solutions.

    From trade show venues to offices and retail spaces, our audio visual design services can be applied to any environment in any industry.

    When there’s a need for AV solutions with the most efficient audio visual design services, we are ready to deliver. Our AV design consultants are available to begin the process now.

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