• Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions from Dynamix

    In 2019, Polycom and Plantronics merged under the POLY brand, forming one of the most important companies in the telecommunications technology industry. Organizations looking for the most reliable and advanced meeting room solutions can get complete design and integration services from Dynamix.

    We serve professional, commercial, local, Provincial, and Federal Government clients throughout Ontario, and are uniquely skilled to develop solutions based around Polycom technologies.

    Dynamix operates from three key locations in Ontario offering solutions for POLY London, POLY Toronto, and POLY Ottawa.

    For conferencing that simply works and helps you to achieve your business goals, you can talk to an audiovisual consultant today.

  • POLY Solutions Designed for Modern Video and Audio Conferencing

    Virtual meetings have become the norm within organizations of all sizes. They are more efficient, more affordable than traveling for in-person meetings, and they facilitate the dispersed workforces that are so common today. POLY video conferencing solutions can be used for internal communications, meetings with clients and partners, remote training and upskilling, and any situation where people around Canada or the world need to meet to discuss, collaborate, educate, and do business.

    POLY solutions are extensive and are designed for a range of scenarios in organizations of all sizes. Dynamix can install and integrate equipment including:

    • POLY personal headsets including wireless, USB, and traditional headsets.
    • IP conference phones and speakerphones.
    • Dedicated video conferencing solutions including personal and group solutions and portable video carts.
    • POLY software that seamlessly integrates with hardware solutions.

    For access to the latest POLY technology, Dynamix Professional Video Systems is your AV specialist in London, Toronto, and Ottawa.

    Communication with Cutting-Edge Polycom Solutions

    Unlock the potential of seamless virtual collaboration with our state-of-the-art Polycom solutions. Whether in London, Toronto, or Ottawa, DYNAMIX specializes in tailoring Polycom technologies to your unique needs. Our certified technology specialists ensure your workspace is equipped with the latest Polycom advancements, delivering crystal-clear audio and video clarity.

    From personal headsets to dedicated video conferencing solutions, our expertise spans the entire Polycom spectrum. Transform your communication infrastructure and embrace the reliability of Polycom for unparalleled conferencing experiences. Trust DYNAMIX to integrate, upgrade, and optimize Polycom solutions for optimal performance in the modern business landscape.

  • POLY Meeting Room Solutions Developed Around Your Needs

    Whether considering solutions for POLY London, POLY Toronto, or POLY Ottawa, Dynamix understands that every organization has unique needs. The technology itself is not enough to guarantee a solution that is fit for purpose.

    As integrators, we can design meeting room solutions that are formed around your expected use-case today and your plans for the future.

    We look at every aspect of a system including the camera, speakers, microphones, hardware interfaces, and software, to use the right combination that will suit your needs.

    POLY meeting room solutions can be designed around built-in or portable principles.

    • Built-in POLY meeting room solutions can utilize a combination of speakers, microphones, and video cameras so that the meeting space can be brought virtually to an audience of any size, anywhere in the world. We can integrate appropriate video displays including single monitors, projectors, or large video wall displays, depending on your needs. Our POLY meeting room solutions are integrated by certified technology specialists.
    • Portable POLY meeting room solutions are cart-based devices where all of the necessary hardware is integrated into a single unit on wheels. Portable units are suitable for relocation between different offices, conference spaces, meeting rooms, board rooms, training rooms, and anywhere else that a meeting room solution is needed. Cart systems can help organizations to reduce their expenditure by introducing versatile stations that can be shared between users.

    For the most reliable POLY meeting room solutions that integrate the latest technology in a way that suits your organization, talk to Dynamix Professional Video Systems.

  • Upgrades for Polycom and Plantronics Technologies

    If your organization is using older technologies released under the Polycom and Plantronics brands, Dynamix can bring your workspaces up to date with the latest solutions. From conferencing headsets to tabletop virtual meeting solutions, we can implement new features and hardware to host or join virtual meetings and presentations with the best audio and video clarity.

    Dynamix focuses on reliable systems integration so that your Polycom conferencing equipment is ready to go whenever your schedule calls for it.

  • Specialists for POLY London

    We are system integrators and can design POLY London systems. Small businesses and groups of professionals, right through to large enterprises and all levels of Government can talk to a specialist today to see how POLY London can be used to improve conferencing, virtual meetings, virtual seminars, and any other type of presentation or collaborative process.

    Dynamix can also supply POLY systems for the local, Provincial, Federal Government and private organizations in Ottawa.

    Beyond POLY London solutions, we offer service and integration of a diverse range of professional video systems.

  • Specialists for POLY Toronto

    Access to the best technologies and processes allows us to integrate POLY Toronto for any organization. Toronto is key to Canada’s economy and is the largest national economic hub. It represents local businesses on a global scale. Commercial, distribution, industrial, and financial sectors are all represented in the Greater Toronto Area. The global nature of modern business makes audio and video conferencing solutions essential. Organizations looking for POLY Toronto can begin consultation with Dynamix today.

    Our expert designers and technicians will design a POLY Toronto system to your specifications.

  • Talk to Experts in Polycom Conferencing Solutions

    Video conferencing will continue to grow in importance for businesses that want to remain agile and connected to their global network of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Dynamix is uniquely skilled to incorporate the best Polycom conferencing solutions in Ontario.

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