• A Leader Among Audio Visual Companies in Toronto

    With more than 30 years of experience and a staff of industry-certified professionals, Dynamix is one of the leading audio visual companies in Toronto. We are just one of a handful of companies in Canada offering complete system integration services utilizing the latest technologies.

    Businesses and organizations of all types in the GTA will appreciate our attention to detail, extensive access to the best partners and suppliers, and our fully customized AV solutions.

    Choose advanced solutions from a leader in audio visual companies in Toronto. Dynamix goes beyond the concept of an AV shop in Toronto with in-depth service, consulting, and equipment supply options.

  • Outperforming Expectations for AV Companies in Toronto

    From entrepreneurs and small startup companies to large organizations and government departments, there are certain traits that only the best AV companies in Toronto share.

    At Dynamix, we outperform expectations when looking at the wider market of AV companies in Toronto.

    • We design our solutions in-house, based on your unique needs. Solutions are appropriate to your organization, goals, and budget.
    • We offer technical support, maintenance, and ongoing service support.
    • We can supply examples of our work so you can understand our process and technical ability.
    • We have proven experience as one of the leading AV companies in Toronto. We have developed advanced AV solutions for more than 30 years.
    • We adapt and change with the times, and are quick to evaluate and integrate new technologies as custom solutions. Dynamix has more than 200 long-term partner relationships with the best technology innovators and audio visual companies.

    Your project deserves nothing less than one of the best AV companies in Toronto. We are standing by to begin consultation.

  • Going Beyond Audio Visual Stores in Toronto

    You’ll find many compelling audio visual stores in Toronto focusing on the consumer and prosumer segments of the market. What you will often miss out on, is a deeper understanding of AV integration with the ability to design, source, and install systems from end to end.

    Dynamix is more than just another one of the audio visual stores in Toronto. We have deep experience in AV design and integration and have delivered successful projects for some of the largest organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.

    Unlike the average audio visual stores in Toronto, we are trusted by the Federal Government and offer many of our products and services under our Standing Offer Agreement. We supply all areas of the National Capital Region and Ontario.

    From education to retail, and government to corporate, we serve every industry and niche. When you need more than the retail experience offered by audio visual stores in Toronto, talk to the solutions experts at Dynamix.

    Elevate Your Experience with one of the Leading Audio Visual Companies in Toronto

    Explore superior audio visual solutions tailored to your needs with DYNAMIX, a distinguished AV integrator. Boasting over 30 years of industry excellence, we stand as one of the premier audio visual companies in Toronto, delivering customized system integration services. Our certified professionals ensure meticulous AV design, from small startups to large organizations and government departments.

    DYNAMIX outperforms expectations, offering in-house solutions, comprehensive technical support, and maintenance services. As pioneers among audio visual companies in Toronto, our adaptability and partnerships with over 200 technology innovators set us apart. Trust us for unrivaled service, ensuring your project’s success.

  • Looking for an AV Shop in Toronto? We Design Solutions for Every Market

    Because we customize our solutions for every project, we are versatile in the industries that we serve. If your organization needs an AV shop in Toronto, an equipment supplier, or a full solutions expert, you can contact us today to begin the consultation process.

    Dynamix is a supplier to markets including:

    • Corporations and businesses of all sizes.
    • Educational institutions from schools to colleges and universities.
    • Government departments and organizations.
    • Thermal Screening Terminals and other advanced checkpoint solutions.
    • Production for film, television, and other creative industries.
    • Post-Production for film, television, and other creative industries.
    • Entertainment sector including Digital Cinema Projection. We supply projector screens in Toronto.
    • Digital signage for marketing and branding.
    • Retail and more…

    If there’s a need for advanced AV solutions, Dynamix is ready to deliver. Much more than an AV shop in Toronto, we are solutions-driven professionals ready to work with you to understand your unique needs and develop custom solutions.

    We supply equipment just like an AV shop in Toronto but can provide so much more with full consulting, project management, training, AV design, and installation. For a premium experience and solutions that suit your budget and unique needs, talk to us today.

  • Projector Screens in Toronto

    Look to any area of our business and you’ll see a passion for technical excellence. This is evident with our projector screens in Toronto. Dynamix has been involved in the entertainment and cinema marketplace for more than 30 years. We were supplying projector screens in Toronto when the market was still using 35mm film. The transition to digital offered better reliability, quality, and consistency in cinema experiences. We now offer theatrical presentation systems to meet the 2K standard and can develop solutions for 4K, 3D, high dynamic range (HDR), and other emerging standards.

    Cinema companies, corporate groups building private cinemas and presentation rooms, events companies, and even the most discerning media enthusiasts can talk to us today for the best projector screens in Toronto and complete system integration services.

  • Trust One of the Best Audio Visual Companies in Toronto

    Dynamix is rare among audio visual companies in Toronto. Our extensive service offerings, technical expertise, and focus on bespoke solutions make us ideal for your upcoming project. Contact us today and enjoy the best service from a team of passionate and highly experienced AV and system integration professionals.