• Dynamix Professional AV Installation

    Successful AV installation goes beyond the devices and components that are used. The best audio visual installation professionals look at projects from a solutions perspective. What are the client goals, what are the challenges, and how can these be met with effective use of technologies?

    Dynamix is an AV installation company serving Ontario. As the leading audio visual contractors in Toronto and the GTA, London, and the National Capital Region of Ottawa, we are uniquely positioned to help you make the most of an investment in professional AV installation.

  • Audio Visual Contractors with a System Integration Approach

    AV installation goes beyond selecting and deploying impressive equipment. At Dynamix, we are system integrators at heart. We are uniquely positioned to leverage the combined benefits of computer technologies, communications systems, and AV technologies for solutions that perform better and offer more functionality.

    As audio visual contractors, we serve markets including:

    • Corporate.
    • Enterprise and Government.
    • Thermal Screening Terminals and Biometric AV.
    • Production and Post-Production for Broadcast and Cinema.
    • Entertainment, including Commercial Displays and Digital Cinema Projection.
    • Digital Signage and Video Walls.
    • General AV installation for businesses and professionals.
    • All AV markets in Ontario.

    Our team of audio visual contractors is highly trained and industry certified. We design systems in-house and fully customize them for your unique needs. If you want audio visual contractors who consider your concerns, goals, challenges, technical requirements, and unique ideas, it’s time to talk to Dynamix.

  • Audio Visual Installations – Our Process

    We are committed to providing the best audio visual installations in Canada. Our unique partner relationships, experienced AV technicians, designers, and project managers all come together to produce the best results that maximize your investment.

    From commercial displays to video conferencing solutions, Dynamix will cover your AV needs.

    • Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to identify the scope of your audio visual installation project.
    • Expert AV designers develop systems that are tailored to your needs. We leverage strong relationships with more than 200 technology partners and vendors to deliver best-in-class solutions.
    • Hands-on project management ensures that your installation proceeds without setbacks. We learn about your organization and take steps to minimize disruption. Elements of your system can be prefabricated at our facilities to minimize installation time and inconvenience at your site.
    • Our relationship doesn’t end when the audio visual installation is complete. We offer training, service, and maintenance. We are committed to building long-term relationships and look forward to serving your AV needs today and in the future.

    Elevate Environments with Expert Commercial Display Installations

    Experience unparalleled visual impact through DYNAMIX’s precise and customized commercial display installations. As premier audio visual contractors, we specialize in seamlessly integrating commercial displays into diverse environments. From corporate offices to dynamic video walls, our installations go beyond industry standards, providing captivating visual solutions.

    Our expert team ensures the efficient and effective setup of commercial displays, projectors, and screens, tailored to your specific needs. Transform your workspace with our hands-on project management, minimizing disruptions during installation. Trust DYNAMIX for a comprehensive approach to commercial display installations, maximizing the potential of your visual communication infrastructure.

  • From Commercial Displays to Distributed AV – Common AV Installations

    No two AV installations are alike, and because we approach every project focused on unique client needs, our installation services can vary in scope. If you need any form of AV installation or integration, Dynamix can provide the technical experience, equipment, designs, and project management to exceed your expectations.

    Much of our installation work covers:

    • Video conferencing solutions for corporate sites and offices of all sizes. We install high-quality conferencing devices, monitors, audio, and networking equipment.
    • Collaboration solutions for post production environments. We make producing media more efficient with shared storage, remote access to editing software, conferencing solutions, and more.
    • We configure and program AV equipment to suit your use-case and workflow.
    • AV distribution is a specialty of Dynamix. Distributed systems for announcements, on-site audio and video, entertainment, and more can be designed and installed.
    • We offer Camera, microphone, and speaker installation and integration.
    • Dynamix is a leader in commercial displays, projectors, and screen installation and integration.
    • We are professional display experts and can install cinema displays for commercial use, video walls, and other customized audio and visual commercial display solutions.
    • Complete system integration is a key focus of modern AV systems. More than just installing commercial displays and audio equipment, we can develop solutions that get every piece of equipment working efficiently. Interoperability is possible. Remote smart controls for networked systems can be designed into our solutions. Full integration makes even the most complex systems easier to understand, use, and maintain.

    No matter your unique requirements and concepts, our consultants and AV designers are standing by to deliver a proposal and complete the installation from end to end. Trust a leader in advanced AV installation and system integration.

  • Talk to the Most Experienced Audio Visual Contractors in Canada

    Dynamix has served businesses, professionals, and all levels of Federal Government for more than 30 years. With solutions focused on your unique needs, you will enjoy AV installations that make the most of your budget while leveraging advanced technologies with ever-improving feature sets. Talk to the leading audio visual contractors and enjoy a service that is focused on results without compromises.