• Crestron Mercury® Conferencing Rooms Integrated by Dynamix

    Organizations seeking full-featured and reliable conference room projection systems can begin the consultation process with Dynamix today. As a team of passionate AV integrators and solutions specialists with more than three decades of experience in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to design conference room systems that meet your operational goals.

    Learn how we utilize Crestron Mercury® systems to provide cutting-edge conference solutions for any industry.

  • Dynamix Integrates Crestron Mercury® Systems for Board and Conferencing Rooms

    From boardrooms to huddle rooms for project planning and team collaboration, Crestron Mercury® is one of the best conferencing and collaboration systems available today.

    Designed to turn any room into a conferencing or collaborative workspace, Crestron Mercury® is a hardware device that uses the SIP protocol, advanced software, and impressive connectivity features to make it easier to present, communicate, and collaborate. The system reduces the barriers to the front of the room by allowing for wireless presentations directly to projector screens, voice and video conferencing, Bluetooth audio pairing, and widespread support for any collaboration application.

    Crestron Mercury® is ready for automation and Dynamix can program and fully configure the system for your unique use-case.

    Whether using WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, or any other solution that your business prefers, we can integrate it with Crestron Mercury® and projection screens for smarter meetings and workspaces. You can easily communicate across sites with colleagues, vendors, partners, and clients, etc.

    If you’re interested in a simplified but extremely capable solution for your board or meeting rooms, Dynamix is ready to design a cost-competitive solution around Crestron Mercury®.

  • Conference Room Projection Systems and all Your Hardware Needs Covered

    Dynamix is an expert integrator with skilled staff and extensive technology partnerships to design your conference room projection systems and install the hardware that you need.

    Conference room projection systems are ideal for a main focal point for presentations, collaboration, and the delivery of video from remote sites. Conference room projection systems must be fit for purpose, with a high level of visual fidelity. Projector screens can be combined with integrated audio systems to ensure that speech from the media stream is heard clearly.

    Our designers will look at several factors when proposing conference room projection systems for your organization…

    • The size and shape of the room.
    • The number of people it can accommodate.
    • Challenges posed by natural light sources.
    • The ideal positioning of the screen for clarity and ergonomic comfort.
    • Challenges posed by ambient noise.
    • Optimal speaker, microphone, and camera placement.

    Conference room projection systems typically include more than just sound and video. In addition to a commercial projector, microphones and cameras can be integrated into the system, along with a hardware conferencing solution like Crestron Mercury®.

    While projector screens are commonly used, some environments and projects can be better served by OLED displays. There are advantages and drawbacks to either option. Projectors screens are extremely efficient and the projection equipment can be portable, based on the needs of your organization. On the other hand, OLED displays produce excellent visual clarity and can compete with strong ambient light without compromising the picture quality.

    We will explore all options with you and make a proposal based on your budget, any equipment that you are already using, and your project specifications. As integration experts, we can install projector screens and other conferencing room equipment that works in harmony with your current hardware or software solutions.

  • Advanced SIP Technology for Huddle Room and Conference Room Environments

    Whether considering informal huddle rooms designed for strategy and collaboration, or executive suite conference rooms, Dynamix integrates the most advanced SIP technology for solutions that simply work.

    SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a networking protocol that can be used to both establish and control connections for communications between several subscribers in conference and huddle rooms. There are significant advantages to using SIP-based solutions for huddle rooms and other conferencing environments.

    The versatility of SIP is key to what has made it an industry standard used by Crestron Mercury® and other advanced solutions. The protocol can be used for all forms of conferencing and collaboration including file sharing, live chat, video, and audio conferencing.

    SIP manages connections while other elements of the network handle credentials. Conference and huddle rooms can be spread across a single site or remote sites anywhere in the world. Users can connect to the media stream with hardware and software endpoints like PCs, laptops, smartphones, and dedicated conferencing hardware.

    If your business needs conference and huddle rooms where credentialed users can join or leave a conference at will, share files, share live video, and communicate over voice or text, Dynamix will deliver the best solutions.

    Transforming Collaboration with Crestron Mercury® Integration

    Discover unparalleled collaboration with DYNAMIX’s expertise in integrating Crestron Mercury® systems for your board and conference rooms. As seasoned AV integrators, we harness the power of Crestron Mercury® to facilitate wireless presentations, seamless voice and video conferencing, and effortless Bluetooth audio pairing.

    Our skilled team ensures the smooth integration of Crestron Mercury® with popular platforms like WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Whether in huddle rooms or executive suites, our advanced SIP technology solutions, featuring Crestron Mercury®, elevate communication in all conferencing environments. Experience the future of conferencing with DYNAMIX, your trusted partner for cutting-edge conference room projection systems.

  • Trust an Industry Expert for Projector Screens and Conference Room Solutions

    Whether you want to integrate new projector screens, distributed audio, cameras, and microphones, or a complete conferencing solution with Crestron Mercury®, Dynamix is standing by. Begin with your consultation today and see how we can make the most of your budget for rich conferencing and collaborative options within your board, conference, and huddle rooms.

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