• AV Design Services – Broadcast Design

    In mission-critical environments, efficient and effective broadcast design is essential. Dynamix has more than three decades of experience in the professional audio video industry and is a specialist in AV design services and system integration.

    We maintain the strongest partnerships with industry-leading technology suppliers. Our highly trained and industry-certified technicians, and our meticulous attention to detail result in products and services that ensure broadcasters stay on the air.

  • Efficient Broadcast Design in a Challenging Market

    The modern broadcast industry presents unique challenges that have never existed in the market before now. Broadcasters compete for viewers through numerous channels. Viewers have more choices with the expansive streaming and social media-based entertainment options available to them.

    Broadcasters that want to remain relevant while effectively and consistently communicating with their audiences, need to start from the ground up with the right technology solutions. Our broadcast design expertise ensures that we can deliver these solutions, custom-made to your unique specifications.

    Beyond the unique challenges presented by the market, there are technical hurdles to overcome. Maintaining a consistent broadcast, whether it’s around the clock or within segmented timeframes, is essential for success and longevity. Dead air or any form of interruption in a broadcast can be costly. Commercial broadcasters supported by advertising partners or subscribers simply can’t afford interruptions to sound or video. Quality degradation can be costly and can frustrate viewers, sending them to alternative networks.

    Our technical expertise and efficient broadcast design ensure that quality is maintained and that broadcasts are consistent and reliable. We explore all of the unique challenges of both your industry and your operating environment to develop our AV design services around your needs.

    Our approach results in technically advanced broadcast installations that are effective, reliable, and cost-efficient. We also take steps to future-proof your technology in ways that you can expand or improve your broadcast equipment in the years to come.

    An investment in specialist broadcast design will continue to provide returns, season after season.

  • Dynamix Provides the Most Comprehensive AV Design Services for the Broadcast Industry

    We bring more than 30 years of experience in all technical aspects of broadcast design. Our AV design services are extensive, offering you complete turnkey solutions whether developing systems from the ground up or adding to those that are already functional.

    • Our experienced designers and engineers can manage your AV design services for build-outs and upgrades.
    • We are expert system integrators. We specialize in consolidating unique technologies for more efficient operation and workflow.
    • Our process includes consulting and project management from end to end. Project planning and budget projections are key. We can work with your current system drawings. If you no longer have designs or if they are outdated, we’ll perform a complete system analysis to create them.
    • Complete integration is key to our AV design services. We can perform facility build out. We provide cable installation and termination services. We’ll expand your systems, maintain and install patch bays and equipment racks – whatever it is that your project calls for. Our solutions are scalable for Canadian broadcasters seeking to grow.
    • Site-specific challenges are overcome with our expert AV design services. We will work within your space limitations to design efficient solutions for everything from equipment positioning to cable runs.
    • From large commercial networks to emerging broadcasters targeting any distribution platform, our AV design services are customizable to your needs. Single camera, multi-camera, IP streaming, live to tape (with digital equipment), and more are integrated by our engineers.
  • Strong Technology Partnerships for the Best AV Design Solutions

    Dynamix has developed strong relationships with more than 200 industry technology partners. From essential equipment suppliers to technology innovators, these partnerships ensure that we can design and deploy state-of-the-art solutions into any environment.

    These partnerships aren’t just focused on supply. We actively work with our technology partners to ensure that the solutions we deliver are suited to the unique project needs. Feedback from our customers, engineers, and installers is used to improve the products and technologies that our partners offer.

    From transparent OLED displays for news desk backdrops to ultra high definition cameras, networking equipment, and even live editing and collaborative software, we’ll integrate the right technologies with the best AV design services for your organization.

  • Dynamix is Available to Begin Consultation for Broadcast AV Design

    Unlock unparalleled broadcasting excellence with DYNAMIX AV Design Services. With over three decades of industry expertise, our AV design services stand as a cornerstone for efficient and effective broadcast design. We specialize in comprehensive turnkey solutions, managing build-outs, and upgrades with a meticulous hands-on approach. Our expert system integrators customize services, overcoming site-specific challenges and ensuring seamless workflows.

    Partnering with over 200 technology leaders, our strategic alliances bring cutting-edge solutions to your project. Experience the pinnacle of AV design services, tailor-made for broadcasters seeking excellence in Ontario’s dynamic market. Contact us to embark on a consultation that blends technical prowess with hands-on dedication.

    Our hands-on process, technical expertise, and access to the best solutions will be an asset to your project. Whether developing a broadcast environment from the ground up or updating one to take advantage of new technology, we are standing by to begin consultation.

    Dynamix offers the best AV design services in Ontario from three key locations. Contact us today and enjoy our world-class approach to broadcast design.

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