• Broadcast Installation Contractor – Dynamix Professional Video Systems

    Dynamix is a vastly experienced broadcast installation contractor in Ontario. With access to the most advanced and reliable AV broadcast equipment, our qualified installers, integrators, and designers can provide solutions that meet your needs, deadlines, and budget.

    From broadcast installation project management to cable termination and rack configuration, we are your source of the best technicians and broadcast equipment in Canada.

  • A Reliable Broadcast Contractor

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems has more than three decades of experience as a broadcast contractor in the Canadian market. Our supplier relationships, certified technology specialists, and the entire design and project management team combine for a reliable broadcast contractor service focused on functional solutions.

    As Canada’s leading broadcast contractor we work with you to understand your needs. We consult with all of your stakeholders from facility and architectural through to management and the executive suite. Our approach to the broadcast contractor relationship ensures that your system is unique, intuitive to use, cost-effective, and scalable.

    Dynamix is a broadcast contractor that offers:

    • Full systems integration.
    • Advanced tools and hardware to manage audio and video signals.
    • Fast design and installation turnaround.
    • Acoustic treatments and complete studio design.
  • AV Broadcast Tools

    Traditional AV systems for broadcasting were complex and in some cases difficult to deploy and maintain. With extensive technology partnerships with the leading audiovisual companies, we have access to the AV broadcast tools that can simplify your solutions, even for the largest studios.

    Dynamix supplies AV broadcast tools and solutions for diverse clients including corporate centers, hospitals, schools, retailers, satellite and cable broadcasters, theaters, and studios of all sizes.

    The nature of broadcasting has changed and AV broadcast tools have become more advanced. For many broadcasters, the challenges today revolve around efficiency and integration. With automation and unified control across several studios or even dispersed physical sites, reliable AV broadcast tools are essential.

    Dynamix ensures that you get more from AV broadcast tools by designing bespoke solutions for your environment and integrating all systems for convenience and a more efficient workflow.

  • Deploying and Maintaining AV Broadcast Equipment

    As an AV systems integrator, we are the perfect team to deploy your AV broadcast equipment. We also offer services that greatly extend the value of our relationship.

    • AV broadcast equipment will be professionally configured to your unique needs.
    • We can offer training for your teams to cover all of your existing and new AV broadcast equipment.
    • Ongoing maintenance for AV broadcast equipment is available at Dynamix.
    • Older AV broadcast equipment can be upgraded with new solutions. We will match your current functional requirements and introduce the new features and workflow options that you need.

    There’s no one size fits all broadcast installation. We are available to provide the system that you need today and will continue to work with you to improve the value that you get from your equipment and entire AV installation. From planning cable runs and terminating, to installing new equipment and providing AV designs for studios and other broadcasting environments, Dynamix is your fully integrated professional AV provider.

  • Long-Term Service for the Best Broadcast Equipment in Canada

    Dynamix maintains strong relationships with the most trusted suppliers and technology companies in the broadcast and production industries. With vast knowledge, factory-certified service technicians, and certified technology specialists, we can maintain your system long-term.

    Needs in the broadcasting industry can change frequently. Our system designs and integration reflect this. As much as is possible, we will future-proof your investment, allowing for upgrades, expansion, and interoperability in the future.

    By using the best broadcast equipment in Canada, you can have confidence in its quality and longevity. Our partners and suppliers include companies like Sony, Sennheiser, Shure, Telestream, Datavideo, AJA, and countless others. If you have a preference for specific broadcast equipment in Canada, talk to us. We’ll ensure that the solution suits your preference, budget, and specifications.

    We will maintain your broadcast equipment in Canada throughout its serviceable lifetime. We can also provide maintenance for cable runs, rack maintenance and management, and general studio and broadcasting equipment maintenance.

    For the most reliable broadcast equipment in Canada, selected by experts to suit your unique needs, talk to Dynamix.

  • Contact Us to Begin Your Broadcast Installation Project

    If you need Broadcast installation in Ontario, Dynamix Professional Video Systems is the team to call. We start the process with an in-depth consultation and provide expert project management throughout. We focus on solutions that are integrated to improve your workflow. Maximizing any budget, it’s our mission to deliver outstanding broadcast installations that exceed client expectations. We’re ready to start planning your project today.

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