• Zoom Rooms Video Conference Room Solutions by Dynamix

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems is a Zoom room certified integrator, offering turnkey solutions for your conferencing and huddle rooms. Zoom meeting room solutions are cost and resource-efficient with minimal staff training required to leverage the power of the platform.

    Any organization looking for affordable Zoom rooms video conference room solutions can talk to us to begin the consultation process and plan more efficient meeting and collaboration spaces.

  • Zoom Meeting Room Solutions Offer Extensive Functionality

    The team at Dynamix understands that the nature of communications is changing. Cloud-based technologies have made it easier to meet, plan, present, and collaborate on projects. Zoom meeting room solutions offer extensive functionality for your everyday workflow.

    As a Zoom room certified integrator, Dynamix has the expertise to deploy solutions to support features including:

    • Touch control for Zoom meetings and presentations.
    • Meeting recorder solutions for backup and compliance.
    • Calendar integration for Zoom.
    • Room scheduling for Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms.
    • PBX and call-out integration for phone dialing.
    • Complete audio and video collaboration.
    • Wireless screen sharing solutions.

    Zoom meeting room solutions can be integrated to completely replace your existing conferencing solution, or, in some cases, Zoom can be used alongside your existing technologies. We will look at your workplace to identify the best way to integrate Zoom meeting solutions with a focus on functionality and convenience.

    Zoom meeting room solutions require minimal user training thanks to intuitive interfaces. Dynamix offers adaptation training to educate all your staff in Zoom meeting room solutions. Training can be designed to target specific groups within your organization, from I.T. support staff and facilities management to executive teams and all staff members.

  • Zoom Rooms Hardware Options

    Zoom doesn’t require dedicated hardware to provide powerful conferencing and collaboration, but it does help to explore Zoom rooms hardware options, especially for larger organizations.

    Zoom rooms hardware can allow for dedicated functionality in meeting spaces without the need for staff to bring their own devices. Of course, the BYOD option will always be there, thanks to easy interfacing with laptops and smartphones, and screen sharing over the network.

  • Typical Zoom rooms hardware for integration includes:

    • Dedicated cameras and microphones.
    • Video displays (flatscreen or projection) for conference and huddle rooms.
    • Tabletop and wall-mounted touch panel controllers.
    • Computer + controller, including cart solutions for conferencing in any room.

    Compatibility is extensive for Zoom rooms hardware, eliminating the need to purchase costly proprietary devices. Dynamix will evaluate your needs and provide Zoom rooms hardware options from our extensive list of technology suppliers.

    Even advanced Zoom rooms hardware like presenter tracking cameras can be integrated with the help of the team at Dynamix. We are available to begin the consultation process for Zoom rooms video conference room solutions today.

  • Dynamix is a Zoom Room Certified Integrator

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems is a Zoom room certified integrator in Ontario. We serve the professional and corporate markets as well as all levels of the Canadian Federal Government.

    The advantages of choosing a Zoom room certified integrator are vast.

    You will benefit from a complete consultation to evaluate your requirements ranging from daily use and workflow to interoperability with your existing AV systems. As a Zoom room certified integrator, we can utilize some of your existing technology (screens, speakers, microphones, cameras, and control panels, etc.) to interface with Zoom’s platform.

    Wherever possible, we will limit your expenditure by working with the equipment that you currently have on-site. For new builds, we will identify the most affordable hardware without compromising features or reliability.

    Because we are both a Zoom room certified integrator and complete AV solutions company, we can add value to your project. Sound masking design and acoustic treatment can improve the quality of your Zoom calls and conferences while creating more comfortable workspaces. We can develop automation for your meeting and conference rooms including lighting automation.

    Integration means looking at all your unique AV systems and your specifications to develop unified solutions that work together. More efficient, affordable, and functional, our integration services can improve the return from your investment in Zoom AV equipment.

  • Zoom Rooms Video Conference Room Solutions with Dynamix

    When you invest in Zoom rooms video conference room solutions from Dynamix, you enjoy three key advantages:

    • As a certified Zoom integrator, we maximize your investment to incorporate the technologies that you need for conferencing and collaboration.
    • We have access to reliable, affordable, and advanced hardware to improve the functionality and quality of your Zoom calls.
    • We offer training to bring all your teams up to speed with the Zoom platform and how it works with your hardware solutions. Adapting to Zoom as your primary conferencing solution is simple with Dynamix.

    For the best Zoom rooms video conference room solutions, talk to an expert at Dynamix today. We are available to support any of your Zoom and general AV needs.

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