• Dynamix Videoconferencing Solutions

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems is Ontario’s leading AV integrator, offering a range of videoconferencing solutions for professionals and commercial markets. With the increased dispersal of workforces, video conferencing equipment has become essential everywhere from small offices, right through to large enterprises and all levels of the Federal Government.

    Dynamix ensures that you can get the video conferencing equipment that you need, fully integrated into any conference room or workspace.

  • Videoconferencing Solutions Are Key to Organizational Success

    Reliable video conferencing solutions can provide several benefits to organizations in Ontario.

    Videoconferencing can reduce the need for travel, allowing dispersed workforces to come together for planning and strategy, team meetings, training, presentations, and any other type of group meeting that would typically be held in person. It also allows for conferencing with external parties like clients, suppliers, and partners, etc.

    While videoconferencing can offer fiscal advantages, there are other benefits for organizations to consider. Videoconferencing facilitates…

    • Improved relationships with clients and customers.
    • Collaboration opportunities between remote and on-site staff.
    • Opportunities for improved training and upskilling with remote educators.
    • More efficient and accelerated decision-making.

    Videoconferencing solutions allow for virtual face-to-face meetings that would otherwise be impossible for dispersed organizations and their clients and partners. Within your organization, you could dramatically improve efficiency and communications by investing in a customized videoconferencing system integrated by Dynamix.

  • Integrating Video Conferencing Equipment for the Perfect Solution

    Dynamix is a team of highly experienced AV professionals. We design, build, integrate, and maintain all of our solutions and video conferencing equipment in-house. We employ the most talented certified technology specialists.

    Video conferencing solutions are unique when looking from organization to organization, and even within different departments of the same group. The demands for a corporate boardroom could be significantly different from those of a collaboration meeting room or training room. No matter where you need video conferencing equipment, Dynamix will ensure that the solution is fully customized to your organizational needs.

    We install video conferencing equipment that is suited to the room size and purpose. This video conferencing equipment can include:

    • Displays like projectors and high-definition OLED monitors.
    • Specialized cameras for clear video streams during meetings and presentations.
    • Microphones to capture speech anywhere in the room.
    • Speaker systems for clear delivery of speech and other audio.
    • Content sharing solutions (screen sharing, smartphone, or laptop presentation, etc.)
    • Any of your requested specialized video conferencing equipment.
    • DSP or digital signal processors to optimize audio.

    We can integrate video conferencing equipment into popular software and hardware platforms. If you’re already comfortable with your existing video conferencing solutions but want to improve capability or even quality, we will integrate new equipment to suit.

  • Video Conferencing Solutions for Scalability

    Wherever possible, our certified technology specialists will develop video conferencing solutions designed for expansion and scalability. The technologies in use today are robust and efficient, but new features and design approaches are inevitable in the AV market. We will ensure that your budget is maximized by designing video conferencing solutions that can be integrated using the industry standards of today, with an eye on the future.

    Open-source, SIP, H323 and cross-compatible standards are increasingly common in video conferencing, allowing more flexibility for our equipment to interface with different hardware and software conferencing solutions.

    Revolutionize Communication with DYNAMIX

    Elevate your organizational efficiency with bespoke video conferencing in London, Toronto, Ottawa and other major cities across the country with DYNAMIX. Our expert team meticulously tailors video conferencing equipment to your specific room requirements, ensuring seamless communication. From high-definition displays to specialized cameras and efficient microphone setups, our solutions cater to diverse needs. Embrace the advantages of scalable systems designed for future growth, incorporating open-source standards for compatibility.

    Experience the pinnacle of video conferencing in London with end-to-end project management and expert consultation. DYNAMIX transforms your communication landscape, providing unparalleled quality in video conferencing equipment and services.

  • Video Conferencing London, Toronto, and Ottawa

    Ontario is the heart of Canada’s economy, responsible for almost 40% of the nation’s output. Places like London and Toronto are commercial hubs where corporate and professional AV solutions are in high demand. Ottawa, the National Capital Region, is another area where efficient audio-visual solutions are needed to facilitate government projects, process meetings, and other official business.

    Dynamix develops the best solutions for video conferencing London, Toronto, and Ottawa. Our presence in these key locations means that nearby businesses and all levels of Government can have access to premium video conferencing systems integrated by experts.

    Our solutions for video conferencing London and other major centers in Ontario are designed to be cost-competitive and suited to your unique budget. As solutions experts, we go above and beyond to ensure that you have the functionality and quality that you need, for a fair price. The absolute best equipment is used for video conferencing London. Every aspect of a project from the cables used to the camera and microphone placement is expertly planned by our design team.

    Installs and upgrades for video conferencing London, Toronto, and Ottawa come with end-to-end project management from our staff. Contact Dynamix today to start discussing your needs for video conferencing London, or wherever your business is based in Ontario.

  • Talk to an Expert Team for the Best Videoconferencing Solutions

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems is available to start consulting on your next project. Handling videoconferencing design and installation is our specialty. Enjoy our meticulous approach that results in the most efficient spending for conferencing solutions that exceed expectations.

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