• Broadcast Engineering Services by Dynamix

    As an expert in AV broadcast design and integration, Dynamix is the ideal choice for AV broadcast engineering in Ontario. With more than three decades of industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to plan the technical details of system installation and upgrades.

    A ground-up approach to every project ensures that your needs are met within deadline and on budget. Professional project management will see that your broadcast engineering needs are met with consideration for your goals today and in the future.

    Cost-efficient solutions for AV broadcast design begin here with Dynamix.

  • Our Approach to AV Broadcast Engineering

    Dynamix is your ideal solutions partner for the broadcasting industry. Our AV broadcast engineering team has completed countless projects for broadcasters and production companies of all sizes. From networks to private production companies and studios, our experience becomes your asset when you need AV broadcast engineering services.

    No matter how complicated your specifications and needs are, we apply the same passionate approach to delivering the best AV broadcast engineering.

    • Our designers work with you to understand your unique needs.
    • We engage with all key stakeholders including administration, architects, your own technicians, and your leadership team.
    • We are partnered with the leading technology and equipment suppliers in AV and broadcasting.
    • Our engineers are extensively trained and experienced in both design and integration.
    • We produce technical drawings.
    • We can consult as well as offer on-the-ground services with our certified technology specialists.

    AV broadcast engineering covers all aspects of designing and implementing your entire technology solution and can include cable runs, rack planning, technology solutions (automation and control), and broadcast hardware from cameras to carrier-grade encoders and everything in between.

  • A Leading Broadcast Integrator

    AV broadcast engineering and integration go hand in hand. We are the leading broadcast integrator in Ontario.

    Integration covers the entire planning, engineering, and deployment process where we ensure that your various systems and hardware can work fluidly to meet your operational needs.

    Without an experienced broadcast integrator, you could experience significant challenges once your AV solution is operational. You could miss out on automation features that improve your workflow. Various pieces of equipment could prove to be incompatible, especially if you are using existing and even legacy equipment that an AV installer hasn’t considered in the build.

    As a broadcast integrator, we look at your entire workflow and any of the equipment that you have on-site. Many of our clients, even when planning new facility builds, have existing equipment that needs integration. We maximize your budget by planning around the functional equipment you already have. With an advanced broadcast integrator like Dynamix, you will enjoy production and broadcast environments where unique technologies work seamlessly.

    If your legacy equipment is unable to be integrated in a way that serves your needs, we will explore cost-effective solutions and propose alternatives that offer better scalability and future-proofing.

    This is a complex process that requires not only attention to detail, but extensive experience in AV and broadcast equipment. Because our technicians are trained, certified, and have years of industry experience, there’s no environment beyond our capabilities.

    Enjoy the value that a broadcast integrator can provide when you choose Dynamix for AV engineering.

  • When to Engage With an AV Broadcast Designer

    Engineering and AV broadcast design services aren’t always combined with installation and integration. Many of our clients request AV broadcast design services in the pre-planning phase as they plan build-outs, new studios, and renovations.

    It’s time to talk to Dynamix for AV broadcast design when:

    • Years of additions and upgrades have left you with complex systems that you don’t understand, creating operational risk.
    • Your organization is planning the development of a new studio.
    • The current solution is inefficient or difficult to maintain and you’re looking for upgrades and improvement options.
    • You have AV equipment that isn’t integrated and you want a more unified solution.
    • You are introducing new equipment into your broadcasting environment.
    • You want a complete broadcast installation and want to start from the ground-up.
    • Physical renovations need to be planned around an AV installation.

    Our detailed drawings ensure that you can better understand and maintain your broadcast equipment. Our AV broadcast design services focus on functionality and efficiency. From planning long cable runs to designing rack mounting solutions in the most efficient way, our AV broadcast design experts are always focused on your unique needs.

  • Consult with the Leading Broadcast Engineering Experts

    We serve Ontario from our Toronto, Ottawa, and London locations. Whether you need an AV broadcast engineering consultant for planning or if you’re ready to move ahead with a complete project including design, build, and integration, Dynamix Professional Video Systems is standing by to manage your project.

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