• The Innovative Sony Spatial Reality Display Breaks New Ground in 3D Optical Technology

    Realistic 3D optical effects have remained a significant challenge for display manufacturers and content producers. Once the realm of science fiction, 3D optical effects have advanced to a point where there are now consumer and commercial standards enjoyed in cinemas and the home.

    But even with all the 3D optical developments in recent years, obstacles like the need for 3D glasses or precise viewing angles have limited both the adoption rate and potential applications for 3D optical displays. Sony has a creative and technically breathtaking answer to many of the limitations that seemed insurmountable just a few short years ago.

    More than just 3D, the ELF-SR1 Sony Spatial Reality Display brings images to life to allow natural viewing of specially crafted 3D optical content. Rather than offering a simple 3D optical effect, the Sony ELF-SR1 creates a 3D projection effect with the sharpest, brightest, and most colour-accurate presentation that has been seen so far. With no need for the viewer to wear external equipment, the potential applications are extensive.

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  • The Sony Spatial Reality Display Enables Stereoscopic 3D Images Without Glasses

    Sony’s proprietary technology allows viewers to see computer-generated 3D images in a way that they have never been seen before.

    With the Sony Spatial Reality Display, 3D images appear as if they are present in the real world. Unlike other glasses-free 3D displays, the Sony Spatial Reality Display has been designed with a micro-optical lens that minimizes crosstalk to the point where it is effectively eliminated. This results in a sharper and more realistic image with lifelike depth.

    The Sony Spatial Reality Display allows natural viewing from any angle in front of the screen. Head motion is tracked across six degrees so that the viewer can freely move and visualize the image without having to interact with a separate interface. Eye-tracking is accurate down to the millisecond, and the image is continuously updated so that viewer movement up, down, left, right, forward, and backward are all calculated and compensated for in real-time. The Sony Spatial Reality Display also tracks roll and pitch, further enhancing the viewing experience.

    There has never been a more lifelike representation of 3D images available. It comes down to more than just the proprietary lens and motion tracking. Sony has developed the ELF-SR1 with a 4k panel (3840 x2160) with more than 8 million pixels for absolute clarity. The 15.6-inch diagonal panel produces up to 500 nits of brightness for bright and vibrant images in any environment.

  • The ELF-SR1 is Ready for Integration into Your Workflow

    The ELF-SR1 from Sony Canada breaks down the barriers to working with 3D projected content. The system is designed to work exclusively with Windows 10® and a Software Development Kit is available for both Unity and Unreal engines, two of the leading 3D graphics engines in use today. Porting VR content from other platforms is intuitive for developers, thanks to the already stellar interoperability support features that both Unreal and Unity have available.

    Sony Canada recommends a minimum system specification with an Intel Core i7-9000k or equivalent AMD processor, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 or above.

    The display has two connectivity interfaces, HDMI2.0 and USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C for user convenience.

  • Potential Applications of the ELF-SR1 Spatial Reality Display

    The technology behind the ELF-SR1 from Sony Canada is impressive and groundbreaking, but the potential applications enhance the product beyond its specifications.

    Viewing a 3D image that appears to exist in real space creates opportunities for :

    • Content creators seeking to visualize their 3D content.
    • Researchers and academics that frequently work with 3D models and scans.
    • Automotive manufacturers looking to review their designs as they evolve and showcase them to the public.
    • Industrial designers that want to preview 3D creations. Virtual prototyping is immediately more feasible with the most advanced natural and responsive stereoscopic 3D.
    • Game developers that need to see their 3D assets come to life to enhance the creative process. The ELF-SR1 facilitates technical fine-tuning of meshes, textures, and the overall esthetic.
    • Film and Television professionals seeking a more realistic representation of their 3D content.
    • Medical researchers and practitioners that use 3D models and scans for diagnosis, research, and treatment.

    With glasses-free 3D viewing and the depth and clarity that is created by the ELF-SR1 Sony Spatial Reality Display, more groundbreaking applications are waiting to be discovered.


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