• Dynamix – Specialists in Audio Visual Ottawa

    Dynamix Professional Video Systems is a specialist supplier and installer of audio visual in Ottawa. With more than three decades of experience and a staff of talented certified technology specialists, we are uniquely positioned to make your next AV project a complete success.

    Offering everything from system design for video conferencing in Ottawa to the installation and configuration of advanced Sony edge analytics appliances, we will approach your project with professionalism and an eye for technical details.

    Explore our services and contact your local audio visual Ottawa experts for turnkey solutions and hands-on project management.

  • Delivering Audio Visual Ottawa that Exceeds Expectations

    From the smallest startups to the largest enterprises and all levels of Government, Dynamix develops AV solutions that are built to spec, within budget, and delivered on time. We handle all aspects of design and installation for audio visual Ottawa in-house.

    Dynamix delivers audio visual Ottawa beyond expectations with:

    • In-house solutions designed by us and installed by our certified technology specialists.
    • We offer maintenance and service and can train your teams in your new AV equipment.
    • We have proven experience in audio visual Ottawa with more than 30 years in the business. From video conferencing in Ottawa to television studios and other commercial environments, we know how to utilize AV technology to meet organizational goals.
    • We are partnered with more than 200 AV suppliers and technology companies to ensure that our solutions incorporate the latest features with best in class performance. From projector screens in Ottawa to video conferencing equipment, we deliver the best hardware.
    • Dynamix has a Standing Offer Agreement with the Canadian Federal Government for a broad range of our products and services.

    Businesses and government in the National Capital Region will find our professionalism, attention to detail, and extensive range of solutions to be ideal for meeting any AV-related challenge in the private and public sectors.

  • Sony Edge Analytics for Transformative Communications

    Expert AV integrators at DYNAMIX are ready to deploy solutions ranging from video conferencing in Ottawa to specialized Sony edge analytics appliances.

    We supply and support the Sony REA-C1000, an innovative content solution driven by AI technology. Compact and lightweight, the REA-C1000 makes it easier and less resource-intensive to create professional video presentation content. The device allows for more dynamic and immersive presentations with features like automated presenter tracking and audience tracking, Sony network camera control, chroma keyless CG overlay for custom backgrounds without a green screen, cropping, simultaneous processed and unprocessed output, and more.

    The REA-C1000 is pre-installed with versatile trial software that can be licensed based on user needs.

    DYNAMIX will fully integrate and can provide training and support for the Sony REA-C1000 in Ottawa.

  • Professional Camcorders

    Camcorders range from versatile shoulder-mounted models to flexible fully featured handheld/palm size and semi shoulder-mount models. HDR, 4K, 6K, Full Frame, High Definition are some of the technological features that enable the capture of beautiful imagery. High sensitivity and low noise images made possible by a variety of advanced CMOS and CCD sensors, the latest generation of fast codecs combined with high-speed Pro media. Integrated cloud-based production tools, enable advanced workflow production features including live streaming, FTP transfer and even remote control from a smartphone or tablet.

    The creative process starts in the camera with proxy and cache recording and options to record directly to Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes depending on the model. With both fixed and removable lens options, whatever your creative need or budget is, Dynamix has the expertise and experience to help you make the right camera choice for your project.

  • Digital Signage in Ottawa

    Printed advertisements like banners and posters are quickly falling out of favor as digital signage in Ottawa becomes more affordable and more visually impressive. Modern solutions for digital signage in Ottawa can present breathtaking advertising or general information for any business or Federal Government department.

    Digital signage in Ottawa is ideal for:

    • In-office or in-store branding and engagement.
    • Advertising in retail and showroom environments.
    • Offering directory and navigation assistance at large commercial or government sites.
    • Listing products and services or facilitating ordering using interactive digital signage in Ottawa.

    We will develop and deploy an effective solution for digital signage in Ottawa based on your unique needs. With the freedom to update and customize digital signage in real-time, there’s little reason to use traditional signage today.

  • Projector Screens in Ottawa

    As an expert AV integrator, Dynamix can plan and install projector screens in Ottawa to suit your unique needs and goals. Projectors can be used for video conferencing in Ottawa, for infotainment in large corporate or Government spaces, or even for the entertainment sector with 3D digital cinema projection.

    We are a leading supplier of projector screens in Ottawa, and our service goes beyond simply selling the hardware. We will design your entire system from projector screens in Ottawa to digital projectors, speakers, source equipment, cable runs, equipment racks, and furniture. Our certified technology specialists will install all equipment on-site, test and configure, and train your teams.

    For complete AV solutions including projector screens in Ottawa, Dynamix is your local AV integrator.

  • From Video Conferencing in Ottawa to Large Scale AV Solutions – Trust an Industry Leader

    Our technical experience and highly trained staff become your asset whether you need simple solutions for video conferencing in Ottawa, production and post-production equipment, or complete commercial AV builds including video walls, distributed audio, intercom, and automation.

    We design, build, install, integrate, and service all of our solutions. As trusted suppliers to countless businesses and all levels of the Federal Government, we are ready to deliver reliable solutions for audio visual Ottawa. Begin by talking to an AV consultant today and see how easily you can move forward with your next project.

  • Government Standing Offer

    Federal Government buyers will be pleased to know that many of the technologies available from Dynamix can be purchased using our newly updated Standing Offer Agreement. The process is simple; call-ups against the standing offer can be made at any of our three offices.

    Our Standing Offer Agreement covers both The National Capital Region and all of Ontario. In addition to goods, we also offer installation services, training, project management and engineering support on our standing offer.

    • Our Standing Offer Number is: E60HN-17AVSO/014/HN
    • Dynamix is also authorized on the Standing Offers below:
    • Christie; c/o Dynamix Ottawa Inc. E60HN-17AVSO/011/HN
    • Crestron c/o Dynamix Ottawa Inc. E60HN-17AVSO/013/HN
    • Extron c/o Dynamix Ottawa inc. E60HN-17AVSO/015/HN

Standing Offer Pricing Request