• Digital Cinema Projection

    Dynamix has over 30 Years of experience in the world of Cinema Entertainment and has a long history it building facilities that produce the content that we all enjoy today. We are involved at every step of the way from Production, Post-Production, and Delivery of the most-watched entertainment available today. We understand the entire workflow of what goes into producing content today at the highest level. Today on Digital Cinema it is vitally important to deliver the best possible picture and sound, exactly as it was produced. Dynamix is a Certified Systems Integration Company that specializes in all areas of design, installation, certification and after-sales service from the most recognized manufactures in Cinema. So, if you require high-quality products for Post Audio, Color Correction through to complete Theatrical level equipment, Dynamix has the solutions to deliver on those capabilities today.

  • Audio

    Understanding Audio in Post Production is key to delivering the sound that artist, producers, and directors tell their stories. Having the proper audio systems in place creates the exact experience in Post Production that is then replicated in both TV and Cinema.

    Our experience in System design and integration can deliver upon this experience.

  • Color Correction

    Understanding proper Color Correction is key to delivering images that match in Cinema. There are many solutions on the market that can display images, but there are only a select few that can deliver exact color reproductions that are intended for both TV and Cinema. Imaging Systems today are acquiring content in many resolutions and color spaces and having the right equipment is vitally important in your workflow.

    Today, facilities will require to work from HD through 4K with color spaces ranging from Standard Dynamix Range and High Dynamic Range. Having the proper tools to deliver upon those requirements are the fundamental building blocks for proper Color Correction facilities today.

  • Quality Control/Visualization and Advanced Color Correction

    Having a QC Suite to visualize the creative process and identify any and all issues is a vital element to any Cinema process. Typically these smaller theatres are equipped with a projection system that is capable of handling all formats including Full 4K (4096×2160) and every color space available inkling HDR. The specification for this type of projector has a Laser Light engine and sufficient Light output for average viewing screens of 14-18’ and can sometimes accommodate a perforated studio screen to handle audio QC as well.

    These typical installations are usually a small Cinema Style Suite, not requiring a separate booth for HVAC and acoustical dampening. Options can also include complete DCI-Compliancy teamed with certified Audio Systems for a True Theatrical experience.

  • Cinema

    Dynamix over the years has been involved in both the Entertainment and Cinema Marketplace, and in 2001 we began to expand upon this with Digital Cinema here in Canada. This was a marketplace that delivered content on 35mm Film for decades and has rapidly transitions to an all Digital workflow since then. Drawing from our knowledge base in Professional Post Production and Digital Projection it was fundamentally an easy transition to migrate, what was Analog to an all Digital Environment today. Our skill set of offering technology that was widely used in Broadcast and Post Production allowed us an opportunity to expand upon that from the beginning.

    To date, we have installed, serviced and supported a vast number of Exhibitors with the tools needed for proper Theatrical presentation systems. While Cinema today is predominantly 2K, many Features, Documentaries, and Television Series are finishing in both HD and 4K with more and more moving towards High Dynamic Range and 4K. Cinema is ever-changing, and having the capabilities to stay on the leading edge is the challenge we work towards every day.

    We take great pride in being able to offer our knowledge of the vast array of Technology from all of the major manufacturers available today, in concert with our highly skilled in-house installation teams and factory-certified Service technicians who provide the professional skill set for the most demanding applications. Dynamix welcomes the opportunity to guide you through these products to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to ensure the display device you select will be one that fits all of your requirements now and into the future

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