• Sound Masking Equipment and Design by Dynamix

    Sound masking is an increasingly important principle in acoustic design for open concept office spaces. Sound masking systems are engineered to create low-level background sound that can make an environment more comfortable with fewer distractions. Sound masking systems can also improve confidentiality in shared office spaces and other critical environments by reducing the ability to determine and interpret speech over moderate distances.

    Whether for security, comfort, or productivity, Dynamix designs and integrates advanced sound masking systems for any industry.

  • Creating better Workspaces with Sound Masking Systems

    Open plan workspaces are the new normal. Whether considering co-working spaces, large corporate environments, or even offices within the Federal Government at any level, open plan designs foster collaboration and openness that can improve morale and productivity.

    However, without addressing sound masking frequency, these open plan environments can become counterproductive or even dangerous from a privacy standpoint.

    Dynamix can design sound masking systems in conjunction with a new build-out, working closely with architects and construction teams to ensure that the key principles of acoustic design are followed. For existing workspaces where noise has become an issue and where the privacy of speech has been compromised, Dynamix will design efficient solutions that can be retrofitted to the environment. We work with leading industry suppliers to integrate solutions including Cambridge Sound management.

    Sound masking systems offer significant benefits for organizations of all sizes:

    • In shared spaces, speech privacy is maintained.
    • Confidentiality breaches are avoided in co-working spaces.
    • Comfort is improved with a reduction in distracting ambient noise.
    • Productivity and morale are boosted.
    • Facility owners and property managers benefit from improved tenant satisfaction.
    • All of the benefits of open plan workspaces are enjoyed without the downsides of noise or a lack of privacy.

    The applications are vast and sound masking systems are used in a diverse range of industries. From corporate to healthcare, government, law, technology, hospitality, financial services, insurance, and education, sound masking systems create more appealing and comfortable interior spaces. The Federal Government can make extensive use of acoustically engineered spaces for secure facilities, courtrooms, and other official locations where privacy may be necessary or even legally required.

  • Sound Masking White Noise – How it Works

    Sound masking can be used in spaces where the acoustic design is sub-optimal. Dynamix can integrate advanced systems that deliver sound masking white noise that is non-intrusive but highly effective.

    Sound masking white noise can be delivered from distributed speaker systems that are connected to a sound generator. The simplest systems are designed for single zones, while more complex sound masking white noise systems have multiple zones with customizable equalizers to suit each environment.

    The concept of sound masking white noise is relatively simple. Background noise is added to an environment to reduce the audibility of speech, the hum of computers and other equipment, keyboard noise, and other sounds. By introducing sound masking white noise, environments are perceived as being quieter.

    It takes an expert approach to determine exactly how much sound masking white noise should be used and at which frequencies. Dynamix engineers custom solutions to suit any space. No two systems are alike, because the acoustic properties vary depending on the architecture, furniture, and even the number of people in any given room or large open space.

  • Finding the Sound Masking Frequency Sweet Spot

    Dynamix is a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and installers with vast experience in audio visual technologies. Our certified technology specialists have the tools and know-how to identify the best sound masking frequency for any space.

    Simply introducing white noise into an environment is not enough. If the sound isn’t fine-tuned for the space then it could become disruptive for anyone working nearby, where it exacerbates the noise problem. Because Dynamix approaches every project with a fresh perspective, we can identify the sound masking frequency that will provide desired results. The result is quieter, comfortable, and secure workspaces where speech is kept confidential.

    Sound masking frequency design isn’t limited to large open spaces. Executive offices, board rooms, meeting and videoconferencing rooms, huddle rooms, and any other space can be treated with sound masking frequency to improve comfort and privacy.

    Enhancing Workspaces with Sound Masking Solutions

    In the era of open-plan workspaces, ensuring a balance between collaboration and privacy is crucial. DYNAMIX specializes in crafting advanced sound masking systems, addressing the challenges posed by shared environments.

    Our expertise extends to creating tailored solutions, integrating cutting-edge sound masking white noise technologies like Cambridge Sound Management. These systems not only maintain speech privacy, but also enhance comfort by minimizing distracting ambient noise. From co-working spaces to secure government facilities, our sound masking frequency design considers the unique acoustics of each space, ensuring a perceivably quieter and confidential environment. Elevate your workspace with DYNAMIX’s sound masking expertise.

  • Cambridge Sound Management Systems

    Our strong partnerships with technology suppliers help us to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients. We use Cambridge Sound management solutions and can integrate them into any space.

    We choose Cambridge Sound management systems because they are highly efficient and incorporate advanced technologies to ensure uniformity in sound masking, even in diverse environmental conditions. Cambridge Sound management systems are designed to overcome architectural and acoustic challenges where some other systems would struggle to perform.

    Whether incorporating Cambridge Sound management or any other system, Dynamix will always ensure that the solution is uniquely designed around your needs.

    Enjoy the difference with perceivably quieter environments where privacy is maintained. Dynamix is available to begin the consultation process for sound masking solutions that can improve every space within your physical premises.

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