• Professional Video Wall Design and Installation

    Video walls are among the most versatile commercial multimedia solutions available today. Equally as effective for marketing and branding as they are for conferencing and even mission-critical operations, how you use a video wall is dictated only by your own requirements.

    With the best video wall designers in Ontario, you can maximize your investment. With more than 30 years of experience developing innovative AV solutions, Dynamix is uniquely prepared to manage your project from end to end.

  • The Unique Ways in Which Video Wall Panels are Used

    Video walls can captivate. They can inform. Depending on how they’re used, they can also become powerful tools for communication.

    An array of video wall panels will create a completely immersive and visually striking experience when used for esthetic purposes. For conferencing, video wall solutions can make it feel like teams on opposite sides of the globe are in the same room. If you want the most advanced video wall panels, you can start by considering all of the different ways you can use them.

    Video wall panels are suited to diverse applications including:

    • Esthetic presentations such as background video wall panels in waiting rooms and large foyers.
    • Video conferencing screens for corporate and professional environments.
    • Digital signage and promotion in retail spaces, showrooms, and shopping centers.
    • Control room video wall design for mission-critical operations centers.

    Video wall panels can be arranged specifically to suit your application. As video wall designers, we take the time to consider your unique needs, existing challenges, physical properties of the installation space, and all other environmental factors.

  • Control Room Video Wall Designers for Mission-Critical Environments

    Dynamix can build beautiful video walls for digital signage and esthetic presentation at hotels, events centers, or any location. We’ll also create video walls for office conference and board rooms, lecture halls, and other presentation spaces.

    We also serve highly specialized professional markets with our control room video wall designers. Our approach in this unique space will be key to your organizational success.

    Control room video walls need to convey information on a 24/7 basis. That information needs to be clear and conveniently positioned so that tasks can be carried out quickly, or so that decisions can be made with all available data.

    Whether considering a security surveillance control room video wall design, a network operations center, or even a traffic control center, our approach is always the same…

    • We look at your core operation and take the time to understand your workflow and current challenges.
    • We develop solutions based on your budget. Control room video wall designs should not only be effective but also accessible to the organizations that need them.
    • Ergonomics are important. Video wall positioning, angle, and even the brightness and color tone of each panel will be carefully selected when performing control room video wall design for mission-critical environments.
    • All aspects of design and installation are carried out in-house. We provide project management from end to end. Training and service are available long after the installation sign-off.

    Control room video wall design is one of the most demanding areas of professional AV design and installation. Our experienced video wall designers, extensive partnerships with industry-leading technology suppliers, and our attention to detail and quality all result in the best solutions that maximize your budget.

  • Extensive Options for Video Wall Controllers

    Every video wall installation is unique. There is an extensive range of video wall controllers available to make the most of your investment in video wall panels.

    Video wall controllers perform key functions, including:

    • Taking the input source or sources to distribute to panels.
    • Providing audio interfaces for video walls with sound.
    • Scaling sources so that they look impressive on large video displays. Pixel-perfect accuracy is possible with the best video wall controllers supplied by Dynamix.
    • Controlling the video wall with functions like switching sources or changing the way that sources are displayed in real-time.

    Video wall controllers are modular and can be adapted to suit your unique environment. In many cases, the video wall controllers available to you will be scalable, allowing for upgrades or expansion in the future.

    Dynamix will also ensure that your video wall controllers interface with all of your necessary sources, whether they are network streams, computers, hardware media players, network storage devices, set-top boxes, or anything else. We can offer controllers that feature remote configuration and multi-operator support so that your video wall can be configured by your teams on or off-site.

    Digital signage is widely used to deliver entertainment, information, alerts and advertisements across a wide range of industries. Combining graphics, text and other visual elements, digital signage offers a powerful medium that can reach your audience in the most compelling way.

  • Start with the Best Video Wall Designers in Ontario

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