• Advanced AV Engineering by Dynamix Professional Video Systems

    Dynamix is a leading installation, integration, and AV engineering company based in Toronto, London, and Ottawa. Our approach to AV installation is comprehensive, with a design-build process that ensures that you get the right professionals working on your project, and all of the technology that you need to meet the goals of your organization.

    AV engineering in Toronto, Ottawa, and London is one of the ways that we ensure our solutions are fit for purpose. As a leading AV engineering company, we have the technical knowledge and skills to install, integrate, and configure audiovisual equipment so that it is reliable and intuitive to use.

  • The Unique Approach of a Fully Integrated AV Engineering Company

    Dynamix is more than an AV designer, AV installer, AV integrator, or AV engineering company. We are all of these and more, thanks to a fully integrated workflow that ensures success on every project.

    Every one of our AV installations can be broken down into three distinct stages…

    • Consultation and Planning – We’re an AV engineering company that focuses on the details. Consultation is key to understanding what you want to achieve with an AV system.
    • Design – Even with the specifications in place, it takes a lot of work to actually determine how various systems, hardware, software, and accessories will work together. As an AV engineering company, we will detail the entire system with drawings that can be evaluated and approved by decision-makers.
    • Integration – The installation and integration phase is critical. This is when our AV engineering in London, Ottawa, and Toronto comes together. Our certified technology specialists will install equipment according to the approved plans, and based on your preferred schedule.

    Each one of these stages is part of the wider AV engineering process. In this sense, AV engineering is at the heart of everything we do at Dynamix. It is our passion to take the latest technology and installation methods to deliver usable solutions that meet the scope of your project and return strong value in the years to come.

  • Special Attention to Detail at Every Step

    There are many smaller aspects of AV engineering in London, Toronto, and Ottawa that contribute to effective AV solutions installed by Dynamix. Understanding some of these can help to bring context to our approach.

    Our AV engineering covers critical work including:

    • Technical drawings for project approval and installation.
    • Layouts and maps that document existing AV equipment along with the planned additions or replacements.
    • Electrical and mechanical plumbing. We run cables safely and to code. Cable runs are kept out of sight but are still accessible for maintenance and modifications.
    • Speaker location and acoustic design. Speaker placement is critical, especially when considering distributed audio and videoconferencing. We are experts in choosing speaker size, type, layout, and frequency range to ensure that you get the best experience.
    • Integrating AV solutions with source equipment.
    • Mic location and installation for videoconferencing.
    • Automation integration for supported systems like lighting, climate control, drapes, and blinds, etc.
    • Customized sound masking systems.
    • Other solutions available with AV engineering in Ottawa, London, and Toronto.

    Every technical aspect of your AV installation will be carefully overseen by our project managers and supervisors. With the most talented AV installers and integrators, you can have confidence knowing that your project will stay on track, to spec, on time, and within budget.

  • AV Engineering in Toronto

    Toronto is the center of Canada’s economy with thriving commercial and industrial sectors. AV engineering in Toronto is offered for projects of every size.

    Companies ranging from startups to large enterprises trust Dynamix for AV engineering in Toronto. Our experienced designers, project managers, and installers will manage every aspect of AV engineering in Toronto to ensure project success.

    If you need AV engineering in Toronto, whether it’s for something as simple as a tabletop conferencing solution or a complex build for a television production studio, you can trust Dynamix to deliver.

  • AV Engineering in London

    London’s thriving bioscience, I.T., and education industries help to push Canada forward. We offer AV engineering in London to every sector. Universities and other educational institutions can use our AV engineering in London for specialized equipment in lecture halls, meeting rooms, offices, and more.

    Innovative tech and biotech companies will find that our AV engineering in London can create impressive solutions for remote collaboration.

  • AV Engineering in Ottawa

    We offer the best AV engineering in Ottawa. Dynamix supplies all levels of the Federal Government. A thriving private sector in the National Capital Region also places a high demand on our AV engineering in Ottawa.

    We are ready to meet the challenge of any project. Businesses and government representatives can contact us for AV engineering in Ottawa today.

    Services and products with AV engineering in Ottawa are often covered under our Standing Offer Agreement with the Federal Government.

  • Talk to Dynamix for Advanced AV Engineering

    Our focus on AV engineering and the full scope of every solution results in satisfied clients throughout Ontario. You can join them. Contact us today to begin consultation on your next project.

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